15 Signs You Are A Basic Bitch

Signs of a bith

Signs of a bith – Hey dear girl! We all very well know that they are a lot of people who are jealous and envy just for having a super cool life.

Such people usually use the word ‘b*tch’ just because they are not lucky enough to have everything that we got or just because they could lead classy life like we do.

That is when, we gotta tell them yes I am a b*tch and am proud of it 😉

Here are Signs of a bith ! Know what they could exactly be like.

Signs of a bith –

  • If you find shopping to be blissful.

People envy you, just because they cant shop as much as you do. And end up feeling jealous. Haha, so said to those poor beings.

  • When you love Starbucks, specially the pumpkin spice latte.

Pumpkin spice latte !!!!

  • Sporting a tattoo.

I love my tattoo and I don’t give a damn to what people say! After all its my life and my ways!

  • Choosing a whole new different meal from the menu card.

Thinking that you are different.

  • When you always be sexy for a party night.

Poor being that look bad even on getting a makeover! Haha 😉

  • When you post pictures of your lavish life on Instagram with hashtag #mylife #blessedOne

It doesn’t make any difference to others

  • When set abroad for a holiday along with your girl pals.

With your girl pals?

  • When you spend whooping sums for just yoghurt.

Your love for yoghurt makes you spend even more than required. And how does it even matter to those b*tches out there.

  • When your style statement resembles that of celebs.

That’s copy – not yours

  • Drunk

Drinking is always bad

  • When you words like ‘sesh’, ‘OMG’, ‘delish’ regularly.

This is also a word – Bitch

  • When you have your collection of all signature perfumes.

Perfumes could always be favourites of girls. And just then when you use the most expensive signature styled perfumes, they burn with jealous =D

  • When you got your favourite Louboutins.

Haha! They envy when you got the high-end stiletto footwear. Just because that really an costly affair.

  • When you sport the so-in-fashion ‘messy bun’.

I love my ‘messy bun’ with my ‘tube top’. How are you concerned so much? Better mind your business girl!

  • When you use the expensive phone – IPhone.

Those, poor ones that can hardly even think of an expensive one. So sad!

These are the Signs of a bith – Moral of the story could be, people envy you just for having everything that you would require to lead a lavish life. Don’t give a damn to any. Its your life and your ways. Be you, be the one!!


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