Blood Type Diet : Eat According To Your Blood Group !

Blood type diet

Blood type diet – Peter J. D’Adamo was the person who popularized the concept of following the perfect diet for all the blood types.

There are 4 blood types in total. The most ancient blood-type is Type O which was the blood type of people from the hunter-gatherer era. For such people, a diet that is rich in animal protein is essential, which is the case till the present day.

Whether positive or negative, it is essential to follow proper diet depending upon the blood type, blood type diet. Since negatives of all blood types are comparatively rarer, for those who are negatives absolutely must follow the correct diet of the blood type, blood type diet.

Given below are all the information that you need.

Blood type diet

  • Blood Type O

This is the ancient blood group, which is why it is belongs to the ancestral group of blood types. This is the only blood type that carries the antibodies of both A and B, which makes anyone belonging to Type O a much stronger person, physically and in immunity. Meals high in protein and fat are easily digested by you but even the low-carb diets you take get easily transformed into fat, so exercise a lot. You are a little susceptible to thyroids.

  • Blood Type A

You guys face a lot of complications when forming. With type A, you must mostly remain on a Vitamin and Carbohydrate diet and utilize the essential nutrients. Meat is dangerous for your blood type and remaining on a diet where potato and meat are dominant is lethal to you. Fresh fruits and lots of veggies and grains are the best for you.

  • Blood Type B

People with type B blood are a pro at handling weather and climatic changes. They belong from the Himalayan area and they adjust to any type of weather everywhere. The diet for this blood type should a balanced and fluid diet, containing both meats and veggies. Lentils and peanuts should be avoided.

  • Blood Type AB

A genetic jigsaw puzzle, type AB is the rarest blood type. Alcohol and caffeine are toxic for your health and your best source of protein is sea-food and dairy products. You can also focus on dairy and tofu. Avoid combining starch and protein and also processed meat.

This is Blood type diet – So, what’s your blood type?

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