Who Is Better ‘“ A Mother Or A Wife?

Who is better, a mother or a wife? Relationship of a man with two women – a mother and a wife – is so delicate that a man can’t come to a decision – who is better, who is more important?

Mother & Wife…

Without these two women, a man can’t exist in this world. Mother is the one who gives birth and wife is one who gives life…

Relationship of a man with these two women is so delicate that it is almost impossible for a man to come to a conclusion – who is better…

However, we have tried to figure out what a MOTHER and a WIFE did and are doing for an individual called a SON or a HUSBAND.

Let’s try to find out – Who is better, a MOTHER or a WIFE?  

Your Mother is the first woman YOU KNOW well

Your Wife is the second woman that KNOWS YOU well



Your Mother is the one who gave YOU birth and raised you.

Your Wife is the one who gave or will give birth to your CHILDREN and raise them



Your Mother loves you from the bottom of her SOUL

Your Wife loves you from bottom of her HEART



Your Mother’s love is PURE LOVE

Your Wife’s love is also PURE but with twist of LUST



Your Mother cooked and fed you when you were a KID

Your Wife is cooking and feeding YOU and your CHILDREN now and will continue FOREVER



Your Mother gave you an EXTENDED FAMILY such as brothers and sisters

Your Wife gave or will give you your OWN FAMILY



Your Mother is spending or has spent entire life with your father. Generally, Mother MAY NOT going to live with you forever.

On the other hand, Wife is going to spend entire life with you. She IS going to be with you till the last breath of your life



You are your mother’s creation. You have blood relationship with her. She expects you remain ATTACHED to her.

Your wife left her parents, her friends, and her old life for you. She is looking for your LOYALTY to her and the family that you are going to create together.



Your Mother is generally scared of your Wife, who may SNATCH AWAY you from her

Your Wife is generally scared of your Mother, who will never let you come CLOSER to her



Your Mother remains WORRIED about your well being

Your Wife is CONCERNED about you and your children



Your Mother may be a WIFE or used to be a WIFE

Your Wife may be a MOTHER or going to be a MOTHER



Your Mother – a PART of your life

Your Wife – a PARTNER of your life



Whatever your Mother is FEELING today, your Wife is GOING THROUGH the same tomorrow.

It’s like –“SAAS Bhi Kabhie BAHU Thi Aur BAHU Kabhie SAAS Hogi…”



There is always a competition.

How lucky you are!  

There are two women, who are trying to make you happier, who are trying to give you more comfort in life.

Now it’s your turn to figure out what can you give to both of them that can make them feel happiest in the world and proud of you.

Come on man, make up your mind… Who is better? A Mother or A Wife?

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