8 Things A Non-Alcoholic Person Will Totally Relate To!

People literally freak out when I confess that I don’t drink and then there is a wave of brainwashing and the gyan that is followed!

Being the odd one out among your friends for a certain reason can at times be a difficult thing.

But you ultimately go with your instinct and just be yourself.

So, one of these things can be of you being a teetotaler.

Yes! If you are that sober person among the group then below are the things that you will surely relate to.

People literally freak out when I confess that I don’t drink and then there is a wave of brainwashing and the gyan that is followed!

You are missing some fun in life!

Whenever people come to know that you don’t drink they will try all possible methods to make you start drinking. “Come On! Just one drink, it won’t do any harm to you”. “It’s your best friend’s birthday”. And all you do is just smile and say NO!



Being high is a great feeling

People often ask about the highness factor. The usual question is, if not alcohol then what you can be high on? Well, personally I like to get high on coffee and chocolates! How about that?



You must try everything in life

Then there will be another set of people who are when high, love to go philosophical. And according to them thou shalt try all the great things in life. After all variety is a spice of life!



How you enjoy the parties?

This is a big question of how you enjoy the parties when you are surrounded by all of your non-sober friends. At times you do try to pretend that you have a drink in your hand but most of the time you are busy taking care of people around.



Try mixing a little alcohol in your Virgin Mojito

Many people around you also try to advise you about mixing the alcohol to the virgin mojito just to make it non-virgin! Surely Virgin Mojito is the staple drink for all the sober people in a party and it does taste amazing.



You are the punching bag of a drunken friend

You will be having those set of friends for whom you will be the punching bag. Basically these are the people who rely on you and blurt out things to you whenever they are drunk which they cannot tell to anybody else. You can feel privileged in this case.



Not the drink, but you can certainly hog on the Chakhna

The best part of the alcohol is not getting high but the yummy chakhna! Yes, you got it right. So what if we can’t binge on the drinks part but those salty peanuts and many such other snacks can surely be eaten by you.



You instantly have a soft corner for a sober person

Lastly, no matter how many best friends you have who drink and you must be very close to them, but you instantly connect or have a soft corner if you meet a sober person. And if it is especially in a party then it’s a high five moment!


So these are some of the instances that you will certainly relate to if you are a sober person!

If you have some more then don’t shy from sharing!

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