7 Must Visit Places for the Food Lovers

Food lovers

Food lovers – Are you a food lover? If yes, then you have on the right page. Here we have listed the must-visit places for the food lovers across the world. Biting into the food for survival is must. But it is different from having a passion for food. Thus, get a complete list of the famous food spots that every food lover must visit once in a lifetime.

The food contains a lot more than just a flavor. In fact, every recipe has a story related to its inception. So, all you food lover get ready to explore the must-visit places that offer various delicacies in a tasty manner.

So, let us begin our food tour and take a look at famous food spots around the world.

Places for food lovers –

1 – Melbourne, Australia

This city is also known as the food capital of Australia. Melbourne has mix flavors from different parts of the world. In fact, the Melbourne city has its very few recipes. But, the huge immigration of people here from various cities of the world has added their own flavor to the Melbourne’s kitchen. That is why you must walk down the Lygon Street and taste the Italian meatballs and Greek Morsels there. Another place you must visit is the Little Bourke Street which is also known as the old Chinatown and offer Australian style Chinese food.

food lovers

2 – Rome, Italy

Italy is popular for its pizza. Thus the same applies to the capital city of this country. The best delicacy to taste here is the pizza made with zucchini flower.  This dish is known as Fiori Di Zucca in the Italian language. Apart from this, the food lover must visit Rome and try recipes like Roman Style Pizza, Carbonara and Risotto. Here you get a variety of risotto dishes that are prepared by mixing rice with other ingredients.

Food lovers

3 – Tokyo, Japan

This city is famous for its spicy food and every food lover must visit this place once in a lifetime. In fact, the fragrance of street food here is so overwhelming that you get automatically attracted towards the food. Every food lover must visit this place and try recipes such as sushi rolls, sabhu-sabhu and tempura. The people who crave for seafood must visit the famous Tsukiji Shijo market. This city offers something for everyone and thus the egg lovers have a chance to taste the best egg noodles at the busy Tokyo station here in the city.

Food lovers

4 – Seattle, Washington

As the name suggests, this city is surrounded by the beautiful mountains, water bodies and have the evergreen forest spread in acres of land. Lies in Washington, America, this is a must visit place for the food lovers, especially for the seafood lovers. Here you get a chance to taste the fresh seafood such as mussels, calm and fish from the fresh water. Also try biting in the delicious burger, chicken, and waffles here.

Food lovers

5 – Madrid, Spain

Apart from football, this city grabs the attention of the food lovers from across the world. The delicious Bacadillo De Calamares and the Cocido Madrileno Stew refreshes the taste buds of all the food passionate people here. You should not miss paying a visit to the famous La Latina Street. Here, the two bars cum restaurants namely La Cava Baja and La Cava Alta offer delicious food on the same street.

Food lovers

6 – Berlin, Germany

This city holds the traditional flavors and the style of cooking. Reasons, why the food lovers must visit here, is the Turkish delicacies. The Turkish meat, spices, and bread have a distinct flavor and offer a complete meal. Also, enjoy the meal at the restaurants on the Berlin boats. In fact, here you get an opportunity to taste the typical Middle Eastern food along with some Asian style recipes.

Food lovers

7 – Lima, South America

Are you a food lover and going to America on vacations? If yes, then make sure you visit Lima, the capital city of Peru which is also one of the largest cities in South America. This city is surrounded by sea and is the best place to visit for food lovers. Be here and bite into the tasty Savor Ceviche that has sliced fish marinated in some lime juice. Other recipes to try here are Tacu-Tacu, Lomo Salteado, and Aji De Gallina. The food lovers also get a taste of Italian cuisine here at La Red and Paul Azul streets.

Food lovers

Food lovers like to visit different places and enjoy tasting recipes from all over the world. In fact, every food lover must visit these places once in their life. The places like Rome, Madrid, and Lima offer the culinary fusion from across the world. Also, make a visit to Tokyo and taste the fresh seafood famous egg ramen also known as egg noodles at the Tokyo station. A visit to Berlin brings you more close to the traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. Also, this city offers you a chance to try fresh Turkish bread and other spices that add flavors to food. The people having a passion for food must pay a visit to Melbourne the food capital of Australia where you get a chance to experience mouth-watering recipes.

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