Unfolded Beauty Secrets Of Unexplored Villages Of India

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Mountainous ranges with floras and faunas or the sand-covered deserts the hidden villages of India are distinctive. The beauty of unexplored villages ensures to soothe and rejuvenate the minds of travelers. The main aim of the travelers to explore different places is to discover new facts about the respective places.

Unexplored villages of India

unexplored villages of India 2

Ha village, Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is itself an undying beauty that has boon of the features of Himalayas. It is one of the lesser known remote areas which are in the list of the unexplored villages of India. Two main things that one should find attractive apart from the nature are the construction and their food.

The houses are made of the terracotta, it is an influence from the ancient houses. While travelling through the narrow streets of the villages, there are not only ancient but the traditional influence in culture is seen among the people. Ha village is entirely separated from the touches of the urban areas of the other parts of the country.

Dhankar Village, Himachal Pradesh

While travelling through the ranges of Himachal Pradesh among the many villages one of the remote villages is the Dhankar Village. It is between the Tabo and Kaza, its main attraction is the Dhankar lake. Amazing is the atmosphere with the snowy mountains all around with the glacial lake.

The religion followed by this village is Buddhism and so exploring the culture includes one of the ancient monastery that exists here. It is entirely a detached from the modernized urban culture that gives travelers a refreshment. Specially for those who are seeking for a break.

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Skandagiri hills, Karnataka

One of the busiest tourism states is Karnataka, but few are aware about the village located in Skandagiri hills. Nature lovers who want to nurture themselves and take a break from regular life. It is one of the unexplored villages of India that should be added to the travel list. Beautiful blue mountains with clouds are visible while travelling towards the remote place.

Experiencing the floating clouds over the mountains ensures a treat to the soul. Trekkers can enjoy the beauty till they reach the Kalwara village.

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Kalap, Uttarakhand unexplored villages of India

Kalap is a village beautifully adorned with the pine trees, also the deodar which shows your presence in the Northern part of India. The villagers of Kalap believe to be the successors of the Pandavas and Kauravas.

It is one of the reason that travelers find pleasure to stay within the culture which derives from the Hindu religion. The place is not completely commercialized so the place is remote with life having minimum requirements. Unique lifestyle that still have the influence of ancient India.

These are some of the attractive places that can enhances an distinctive beauty of nature and the culture of India. Each part of the unexplored villages of India has the touch of indegenous people and lifestyle.

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