12 Bollywood Songs That Might End Up Making You Feel Hungry

Take a look at which Bollywood artist’s song might end up make you order some food to hog when…

Bollywood is worldwide popular for the kind of music it offers to the audience. From melodious tunes to peppy ones, Bollywood actually has variety of music that you can add to your playlist.

If you look at Bollywood music at large you will realise that you will never get disappointed. There are days when you want to actually go a little crazy and listen to songs that are a bit offbeat. During such days Bollywood will lift your spirits high and might even making you LOL too. 

One peculiar feature of Bollywood music is that at times the lyrics overpower the composition. Okay, what I mean is that we have talent out here who write lyrics which are at times pun intended. Sometimes wacky song compositions fit perfectly well in a scene and many other times it ends up looking cheesy.  

It can be noted that Bollywood has a very good appetite. There many songs which got popularised because its lyrics include food related items. Some of these songs are witty, some sound hilarious and many others look like it was coincidental.

Take a look at which Bollywood artist’s song might end up make you order some food to hog on when…   

When Nargis sings Ichak Dana Bichak Dana Dane Upar 

When Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar hum Imli Ka Boota Beri Ka Ber

When Salman Khan has Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyali Ho

When Govinda dances on Tujhko Mirchi Lagi Toh

When Abhishek Bachchan & Bipasha Basu confess, Tere Sang Ek Simple Si Coffee Kick Deti Hai

When Akshay Kumar relates Samose Mein Aloo with affection

When Madhuri swirls on Chane Ke Keht Mein

When Chef SRK says Daal Gal Gayi

When Aishwarya Rai randomly shouts Nimbooda Nimbooda


When Tabu’s Cheeni Kum Hai Cheeni Kum Hai makes you smile

When Ranbir Kapoor’s Barfi title track makes you giggle

 Oh this playlist has surely woken the monsters inside my stomach and I am rushing to grab a quick bit right away!


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