Weekend Getaway Ideas

Spa sojourns, trekking, adventure sports, road trips and more…


From spa sojourns to trekking to adventure sports to road trips, we tell you how best you can spend your weekend…

Soul Sojourns: While you may have been to all those fancy spas in your city, going for a full-fledged spa vacation is an absolute bliss. Choose from the destinations around your town and book yourself in nice resort or a hotel, which has a spa and is known for atleast some of its rituals and treatments. Make an itinerary that also involves a bit of site seeing and loitering around the place, and you get a taste of its history, culture and food, which are intrinsic to any travel experience. Get in touch with the spa manager and the therapists and explain the kind of stress and pain you must have endured and ask for rituals which will best suit you. You can alternate between massages and beauty treatments.

Rough it out: It gives an amazing sense of liberation when you trek and achieve your set target. Especially, if you love to challenge yourself and the feeling of conquering something makes you feel good about your being, this option is dyed in the wool for you. There are many trekking expeditions which keep on happening in groups led by experienced trekkers, during weekends. All you need to do is Google, get their numbers, and book yourself on one such trek. You can also ask some of your tough friends to join you. These are quite economical as well.  

Hobby breaks: Hectic weekday schedules don’t leave us with enough breath to even think of our hobbies and what we actually love spending time on and then life just seems monotonous and boring. If you have been feeling the same then do something about it and plan your weekend just to enjoy your hobbies. For instance, if you happen to be a camera bug then either plan a photography tour all by yourself or get in touch with one of those groups with professionals and enthusiasts which travel across the cities during weekends to click. Become a member and spend your weekends doing something which makes you the happiest.

Road Trip: If you are a part of one of those biker groups, you surely must already be having a weekend plan. But, if you are not and immaterial of whether you have a bike or a car, all you need to do is stock up on oil, some food, call a friend and head to a faraway land. Even if it’s a day expedition and all you do is drive, eat at a dhaba and come back, you will be sorted. If you have a bicycle, then also you can plan something, enrol for a cycle tour of your city, which generally happens in a group with a leader who doubles up as a guide.

Adrenaline Pump: You are the adventurous kind and nothing sends your heart thumping like speed, height and a high level of physical exertion. Book yourself for any of those adventure sports around your town and spend you weekend tripping on your adrenaline rush. Always take proper precautions and expert help, and ensure if you are medically and physically fit for these extreme sports, before diving into one.

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