#UriAttack – Now It’s Time To Retaliate

Uri Terror Attack

Uri Terror Attack Kills 17 Indian Soldiers In Army Base Camp.

In yet another terrifying attack in Kashmir, 17 soldiers were killed and 19 were injured in their own base camp.

It was a suicide bomb attack on an army camp in Kashmir where 4 terrorists struck the camp that was close to the 12th Brigade in Baramullah District.

This attack is considered as one of the deadliest strikes on army camps in the recent years.

Before this attack, there was an attack in Pathankot where 7 military personnel were killed in January 2016.

A large number of soldiers of the Dogra regiment were stationed in the Baramullah district in a camp that had tents and temporary structures. The soldiers there were returning from a duty and were relaxing in the camp. During the attack, tents caught fire and led to higher number of casualties.

The terrorists who broke into the camp were heavily armed and now they have been neutralized by the army. The reports believe that the terrorists must have crossed LOC from the Pakistan occupied Kashmir along the SalamabadNallah to enter Uri. A similar terror attack took place two years ago in December 2014 at Mohra, which is in the same region. In that attack, 10 security personnel were killed.

The government is blaming Pakistan for these attacks and people are doubting it to be an attack done by the separatists.

Youngisthan condemn the terror attack. The only way to reply is to retaliate.

Some of the tweets that followed with the Uri Terror Attack:



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