Why Mumbai Is the Place Where Every Bachelor And Bachelorette Should Live Once In their Lifetime!

Living in Mumbai – There is some special thing about Mumbai that makes anybody fall in love with it. Most of the youth in India have a dream to stay in Mumbai, either having an amazing college life or a memorable bachelor life.

Mumbai. It is known as the city of dreams, financial capital of India and a place where every day around thousands of new people come to try their luck.

There is some special thing about this city that makes anybody fall in love with it. Most of the youth in India have a dream to stay in Mumbai, either having an amazing college life or a memorable bachelor life with a dream job.

So what are those reasons that make so many people have an affinity towards this metropolitan compared to the others? 

Why is it said to be an ideal place for a youth to explore the world, the age and much more beyond that?

Well, the reasons can be many and so we list down some of the major ones to let you know what is so special about living in this city. I still remember my first day in this city a year ago.

Right from the world of Bollywood to the beautiful Arabian Sea, this city has a lot in store for you for a great life ahead. 


In a very unique manner this city gives an amazing sense of independence and confidence. When you learn to live alone in this city, you build up a confidence to go anywhere and everywhere alone all by your own. The fast life of this city is something that a youth will always like.




Compared to the other cities, Mumbai is much safer and cooler. People here don’t give a damn of what you are exactly wearing. Also, with a proper transport system of local trains, taxis, autos and buses your travel is readily sorted. This city will surely teach you the importance of a single minute when you miss your local. You can even walk out in this city without any fear even at the stroke of midnight!



Land of opportunities

With some best colleges of India and being the financial capital of the country, it has numerous opportunities for your career right from a college to your job. Also meeting some interesting and experienced people in this city can teach you some of the great life lessons you will be learning during your bachelorhood.



Party hub for youth

This city provides you with all kinds of places where you can probably ‘chill’ with your friends. When the whole country sleeps, Mumbai is the place which is all alive and very much awake. You will find many food joints or even stalls that are open till the odd hours. Also you can easily have some amazing night-outs all around the city exploring the place right from Juhu beach to South Bombay!



Food food food!

Food is all that we live for! So here in Mumbai you can simply hog on the vada pao at a roadside stall to a special tea at the Taj Hotel. The city has zillions of amazing food joints that can make your masters taste best. Right from the age old Irani cafes to Chowpaty at Juhu beach you can have all kinds of food over here. And yes, don’t miss ‘baraf ka gola’ at the Chowpaty.



The endless end of the sea

The best part of this city is probably the sea, around which the whole city resides. On some days when you feel low or even happy sitting near the sea any time will surely make you feel better. A walk around the beach, Marine drive or Worli Sea Face will instantly make you fall in love watching the endless end of the sea!


So come to this lovely city and explore yourself during the most important phase of life and that is your youth. If nothing, what you will take from here is a spirit of life that this city celebrates every day!

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