5 Most Entertaining Players In The Sporting World That Deserve A Mention

Most entertaining sportsmen – When it’s time to discuss the most entertaining athletes in the world of sports; the topic is a very subjective one.

When it’s time to discuss the most entertaining athletes in the world of sports; the topic is a very subjective one.

There are helluva names out there on the field who possess the quality and talent which makes deducting this list to a marginal.

But there’s always a challenge and choosing these names was one! As we read the word, ‘entertaining’, the qualifications required here are – loved by all fans, dashing, respected by his teammates as well as opposition and electric on the field!

Plus add to that, some game-winning shots, extraordinary moves, astonishing skill sets and much, much more. All said and done, here now is the list of the 10 most entertaining names in sports that we bring out:

Lebron James (Basketball)


NBA is one of USA’s topmost sport and their numero uno player, at the moment, is none other than Lebron James. Besides being the best player around, Lebron also holds the tag of the ‘entertainer’. In his 11-year career, the lanky player has amassed countless MVP awards, two shiny NBA championship rings and some breathtaking plays that one should see it to believe. Be it the Cleveland Cavaliers or Miami Heat, James has always pleased his fans. In a time where the likes of Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant hogging the limelight, Lebron James remains a spectacle in the NBA with some eye catching displays!

MS Dhoni (Cricket)


A T20 title, ICC Champions Trophy, number one rankings and then the mega prize, the ICC Cricket World Cup – MS Dhoni has been there and done that. Indian cricket no more rests on the laurels of the great Sachin Tendulkar as skipper ‘Mahi’ has taken over! One of the most electrifying batsman in modern cricket, his ‘helicopter’ shot in cricket drives the spectators and the ones watching at homes, wild. This man is a genius!

Novak Djokovic (Tennis)


After a long thought, Novak Djokovic could have been hardly missed this list. The ‘Djoker’ of the tennis world, his antics on the court matched by his aggressive and free-flowing play is just sheer class that blows away the opposition.

Luis Suarez (Football)


Coming out of the ‘ordinary’ Messi-Ronaldo, our pick from the footballing world was a difficult one. So many names to pick but alas, how could an EPL fan forget Luis Suarez! The Uruguayan stirred up controversy at the World Cup recently not before setting ablaze the Premiership with some tantalising goals. Sadly, Suarez is now at Barcelona but the former remains one of the most entertaining stars in world football.

Chris Gayle (Cricket)


Cricket and Chris Gayle – a match made in heaven! One of the world cricket’s top entertainers, Chris Gayle’s bat works like a magic wand once set into play. Sixes, sixes and just sixes can be expected from the southpaw and one cannot get bored watching this man, over and over again!

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