Here Are 7 Things That You MUST Strictly Avoid Doing To Your Feet!

Feet Problems

Feet Problems : Have you ever given attention towards your FEET? I mean, seriously. Because of your feet, you are able to get up and walk and do things that you want to do. There are many out there, you only FOCUS on going to the gym and skincare things, but they don’t pay attention towards their feet at-all.

I’m not gonna lie, I did the same thing. But hey, I changed by paying attention towards my feet. It really helped me, and now I think that you must start taking care of them as well. Let me remind you, those Feet also deliver a message about our health.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

Feet Problems : So to keep them healthy, you must strictly AVOID doing these things.

  1. Wearing tight socks

You might want to look good and stuff, but wearing tight socks is not a good idea. Here’s the reason – Wearing tight socks can actually stop the blood circulation to your feet. Also, you must be able to make some ankle moves.

  1. Wearing shoes

Wearing shoes is not a problem, but wearing them for a longer period of time is a problem. Let them breathe. So wear shoes that can make you feel comfortable all the time.

Excessive foot sweating is not good.

  1. Ignoring smelly feet

Never ever ignore smelly feet. Always keep in mind to wash your feet when you come home after work. You never fail to wash your face, right? So in the same manner, never ever fail to wash your smelly feet.

  1. Walking barefoot in your home

Yes, it is important to cover your feet when you’re at home. No, I don’t mean fully-cover. You can wear slippers that make your comfortable. You don’t have to wear the same slippers inside that you wear outside. You must buy another pair of slippers that you can wear only when you’re at home.

  1. Ignoring the swollen feet

Do not leave your swollen feet alone. Always remember that you must take quick action if you see that your feet are swollen. You must be smart enough to treat them as early as possible.

The best is, you must soak them in Epsom salt to prevent swollenness.

  1. Ignoring yellow nails

We pay attention to our hands, but we often fail to pay the exact same attention towards our feet. Therefore, you must be able to pay attention when your nails turn yellow.  Don’t leave them hanging just the way they are, but do something. Yellow nails indicate a sign of lymphedema.

  1. Not letting them dry

Whenever you wash your feet, always let the feet dry. It is very important in order to stay healthy. There are many people who wash their feet, and then they don’t care about drying them. It is important to dry the feet right away. Otherwise, the fungus will create a big problem.

Feet Problems – Thus, this was all about the things that you must avoid doing to your feet. 

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