The Sad Yet Motivating Story of Sylvester Stallone Will Inspire You To Be A Success


It’s important to know and applause people who have struggled hard and brought down all the odds on their way to success.

And such person is Sylvester Stallone who is one of the most renowned American super stars. He may be a known name to reckon with but only few people know how hard he worked and how he removed all the stumbling blocks to his road to riches.

Back then he was a struggling actor in every sense as he was struggling to even feed himself and his family. He was so broke that he had to steal his wife’s jewelry to sell it off. Problem after problem pressed on and in one point, he even became homeless.

Nothing to eat and no shed to cover his head, He had no option but to sleep at Port Authority bus station for almost three weeks until he was cast in a pornographic movie. He hit his lowest point of life when he sold off his dog at a liquor store as he didn’t have a penny to feed his dog.

Sylvester, whose heart and body is strong as iron, walked away crying with 25 Dollars in his hand.He always wanted to be actor and gave several auditions but he never got selected so he turned to writing as waited for his acting career to blossom.

One day he saw a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and that match ignited inspiration to write the script for the block buster movie Rocky.

As soon as he finished the script he went ahead to sell it but faced enormous numbers of rejections.

After months and months of trying he got an offer of $125,000 which was also on way to get rejected due to Sylvester’s request. He requested that he will play the main lead of Rocky.

The studio said no as they wanted a star.

The amount of offers was rising but he said no to all of them as he wanted to act in them.

Finally, he settled with a studio which offered a just $35,000 for the script and allowed him to act in the movie.

And the rest is history.

The movie won all the prestigious awards including Oscars. His breakthrough movie was inducted into American National Film Registry. The first thing he bought after getting that $35,000 was his Dog. He went to the liquor shop and waited for the man he sold his dog to. He finally met the man and explained him why he had to sell the dog.

But the man refused, Stallone was stubborn to get his dog and offered $1000 but still he refused. Finally he paid $15,000 for the dog. And now today, he is worth more than $275 million.  The story of Sylvester Stallone  is indeed an inspirational tale of dedication and perseverance.

Like him we too all have dreams but what is more important is that we should work on it and chase it till you accomplish it.

It’s true that it’s not that easy to be successful but not impossible too.

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