Jyothi Reddy: Meet This Woman Who Was A Farm Labourer Now IT Millionairess


From farm laborer to head honcho of Keys Software Solutions-IT company based out of USA,  Jyothi Reddy’s journey is inspiring for all and especially for rural women.

She is an epitome and guiding light for many Indians who are still in the shackles of adversity. She has proved that you can achieve anything in life if you are ready to persevere through thick and thin and work hard incessantly.

Her journey from farm laborer to IT millionaire is commendable and that’s why today we are shedding light on the inspiring rags-to-riches story of Jyothi Reddy.

Early Life And Struggles

Due to financial problems, she was sent to an orphanage even though she had parents. And by the age of 16, she was forced to get married. She used to toil hard on fields to earn a meager wage of Rs. 5 that could hardly make ends meet. Her fate took many ugly turns since she was born.

But all pressing problems and poor living never stopped her to dream big. She aspired to have a good standard of living and wanted to give her two daughters best life.

In pursuit of high living, she did odd jobs from stitching petticoats to do jobs which required her to travel miles and miles. But still, such problems never ever deterred her.


How She Strived Hard To Carve A Niche Of Her Own

She overcame all the obstacles by working harder and harder. She joined the open school to educate her and soon she got a better job as instructor- invigilator.  Her life took a turn for better when she met her the US returned cousin sister.

She was flattered by her lifestyle and asked her what she can do to achieve the same. Later with the help of her sister, she joined software learning classes and also applied for the visa for the USA and since then there was no looking back.

She didn’t fly to the USA; she flew to achieve her ambition. Finally, she achieved her dream she is head of one of the software companies in the USA.


How She Is Actively Helping Other Rural Women As Well.

Her entrepreneurial journey saw resounding success and now she helps several other women too to fulfill their ambitions.

This exemplary personality was awarded and received many accolades for emerging victorious after a long struggle and for being an astute businesswoman.


Jyothi’s incredible story inspires us to dream and if you do, no can stop you become successful.

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