7 Summer Dresses That Can Keep You Calm Even In This Blazing Hot Weather

Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

Temperatures are soaring as sun has started dominating us, so the question comes in summers that how look  chic while comfort is the  goal. Best way to stay comfy in this season is by wearing comfy and light hued summer dresses.

Also when you shop, keep in mind the material of the dresses. Chiffon, Cotton linen and other soft cloth material you should go for.

Before you go on a shopping spree for summer, just have look at this post, we have rounded up some ideal summer dresses that you can wear to beat the heat :

1. Short Summer Dress For The Day

Short flowy dresses what is preferable by many girls. So if you are out shopping then do not forget to keep short printed dresses. Prints like Boho, Geometrical, Animal, Abstract and Aztec are quite in vogue but you can choose whatever you like. Also you can add more spark to your outfit y teaming the dress with waist belt or a shrug.


2. Long Summer Dress For The Day

This is another ideal dress that you can sport during daytime soirees and outings. You can either go for off shoulders or A line or slee body hugging ones. It should look great on your body.


3. Floral Pritned Party Summer Dresses

Floral prints can never go wrong during summers. You can choose bright colored ones or mix and match kinda floral dresses. Here are some of the dresses you can take some cues from.


4. Frill Skirt and Tee

Skirts with frill look quite hip and stylish and quite comfy too. You can wear this type of skirt with shirt,tee and additionally you can go for jackets too.


5. Shift Summer Dresses

Simple yet electrifying shift dress is what you should have in your closet for this time of  the year You can go for non aligned to empire waist or A line tunics. fashionistas too recommend them as ideal for this season as you can look chic and be comfy at the same time. You can team up them with statement neck piece or any jewel or simple clutch as showcased in the pictures below.


6. Shirt and T Shirt Dresses

Shirt And T shirt dresses can totally amp up your look even the attire is simple. So if you are planning for a trip or brunch with your pals, you can definitely put on. You can wear this with chunky boots or shoes to complete the look in a best way.


7. Shorts and Tee

You will say shorts and tee is the basics of your wardrobe but still I have added this in list. Denim to cotton shorts, you can pick up and wear it with Tee or loose top and get going.



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