7 Reasons Why You Should Love Your BAD BOSS!

love bad boss

Love BAD BOSS – BAD BOSS is not a nice phrase to hear!

The reason – we all spend more than one third of our life in the office.

And if you have a BAD BOSS, then one third of our life would be as good as hell!

However, if you try to change your perception and look at the other side, you will be surprised to know that your BAD BOSS is actually not so BAD.

On the contrary, you will find many reasons to love your BAD BOSS!

Let’s have a look at the reasons that will make you love your BAD BOSS!

1). Bad Boss makes you DISCIPLINED

Bad Boss always wants you do your tasks in time. And to make your bad boss hapyy, without wasting any time, you focus on it and try to complete it even before the deadline. Eventually, by doing everything in time, you turn into a disciplined individual.

Ultimately, this discipline will help YOU personally more than the organization.

And that’s the reason you should love your BAD BOSS


2). Bad Boss gives you KNOWLEDGE

Bad Boss, sometime, assigns you the task that you don’t know or you don’t have any idea how to do it. You search, research, ask someone and ultimately do it.

Now, you have got the knowledge of new area that you didn’t have before, which may be useful in future and benefits you.

And that’s the reason you should love your BAD BOSS



3). Bad Boss makes you PERFECT

Most of the time, Bad Boss assigns you more work than you can do in office time. To complete the task, you have to give more time and more thinking.  Consequently, by doing the same things over and again for longer time, you get perfected in your work and become more skilled.

Ultimately, your sharpened skill will personally help you in future wherever you work.

And that’s the reason you should love your BAD BOSS


4). Bad Boss makes you TOLERANT

Bad Boss always shouts, yells, or screams at you, if you can’t perform the way you are supposed to. And, unfortunately you can’t do anything except tolerate it.

It increases your tolerance capability, which may be beneficial to you personally in future.

And that’s the reason you should love BAD BOSS


5). Bad Boss makes you EFFICIENT

Bad Boss assigns you more tasks than you can handle. You will always find the ways to complete larger volume in given time. It obviously makes you more competent and efficient.

This enhanced efficiency would be an added advantage to your career and helps you personally as well as professionally.

And that’s the reason you should love BAD BOSS


6). Bad Boss makes you WISER

Bad Boss has a tendency to exploit you by creating number of odd circumstances for personal interest. And you have to think a lot to deal with different kinds of strange situations, which in turn makes you a wiser person.

This virtue of being wise will definitely benefit you in future.

And that’s the reason you should love BAD BOSS


7). Bad Boss gets you a BETTER JOB

This is very strange. But, it’s a fact.

Sooner or later, frustrated by your BAD BOSS, you will definitely look for a better job.

Believe me, with all added skill such as discipline – more knowledge – enhanced efficiency – more tolerance power – and virtue of being wise – you will land a job that you would have never dreamt of!

You will get a better job with all the skills –proficiencies – abilities that your bad boss gave you!

And that’s the reason you should love BAD BOSS


Love BAD BOSS – If you are frustrated with your BAD BOSS, change your perception rather than changing the BAD BOSS and let us know in comment box what did you learn from your BAD BOSS.

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