Millennials Prefer Love Marriages Over Arrange Marriages

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The generations can be differentiated into old age who have almost crossed over their young age and nearby to retire or have retired. Middle age and Young age are separated as per their years of Birth. Who are Millenials? The generation born during the 80s is now considered as the oldest Millenials, after which the youngest was born in 2000. Following the Millennial generation is the Z generation. Each generation has its thoughts and way of living. While differentiation in their thoughts and imaginations it has been observed that Millenials prefer love marriages over arranged ones.

What has brought changes in their thoughts on love marriages?

Love marriages are the main preferences of the Millenials. It means that it is one of the ways to know and learn about each other. If they can share the same hobbies and whether it can start their life with assurance to be with one another. if they are attracted to love marriages then why?

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Millennials prefer love marriages in their community

There are fewer interests among Millenials, to get married outside their community. Though many have married outside their community. But due to differences in their way of living and several other aspects related to easy sharing of culture and hobbies together.

Life is taking a pace where Millenials who have been spending their life in education and then struggling in their jobs. Altogether they want the good times to be with their partner least spending in talking over differences. Rather enjoy the available time with each other having the quality time in festivals or any rituals that they do together.

But no to arrange marriages

Beginning with arranged marriages has become difficult for the Millenials. They do not want to start with a person with whom they might have to give extra effort to build a relationship. Some time is essential to know about each other’s habits, their comfort zones, and their good part as well as bad part.

Living in a fast space life each one wants to live to the edge. While arranging marriages does not allow them to do so. Rather life becomes more static and unpredictable, they will be able to be each other’s beloved. Few marriages are extremely successful while some end up separating after a few months.

Look for Commitments in love marrriages

Marriages give a surety to the partners to remain committed to each other. Millenials always look for commitments and stability instead of flowing like a river from one place to another. They want space and freedom,  above all want to be themselves. Commitments allow us to be honest and always remain for each other irrespective of the differences in thoughts.

Millennial prefers love marriages but with certain factors kept in mind. There are fewer chances of falling in love at first sight, as they believe to remain consistent but in the real world. Instead of feeling like a failure later with unreal dreams, Millenials want to face the reality instead of struggling to prove themselves extraordinary.

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