Office to party-ready in minutes!

Here’s how you can make the ‘office to party’ transition smooth and sexy. Read on!

How many times have you been invited to a party on a busy weekday? When you’re at work in formals and have to be party-ready in minutes, it’s the tightest spot to be in, right? We are going to guide you on how to make this ‘office to party’ transition smooth and sexy. Read on!

Outfit fixes

formal1If you’ve worn formals to work, like this model, start with removing the overcoat. Let your inner shirt act as your top, for which you would have to undo the first two buttons. It would add a bit of zing to the proceedings.  If your skirt has a hemline and you have ten minutes to spare, sew up a couple of inches so that your skirt is a little shorter aka party-worth.  If you get a printed scarf from somewhere and drape it around your neck in a chic ‘air hostess- knot’, you’re so ready to party!

Make-up tips:


Since there’s nothing much you can do in the clothes department, make-up is your only saviour. If your outfit is black/brown/nude, go all colours on the face. Add an even base to your skin, smoothen it out with a matt compact powder and highlight your eyes with black kohl and eyeliner, along with a smidgen of coloured kohl. Give eye shadow a break and pump up your lips instead. Choose any color among scarlet, shocking pink and peachy orange. This bling of colour will help you not look like you have directly come from work. The idea is to let your face do all the talking as you are not turned up in your regular party clothes likes LBDs, shorts, tights and so on. Don’t forget to spray on some fragrance too.


With not much time in hands, there’s only one thing you can do…spray on! Use an anti-frizz or volume boosting spray on them for instant shine and parlour-finish. And if you have a styling spray nearby, you could make a messy braid or ‘just-out-of-the-bed’ curls too. But if you none of these items on you, simply brush your hair neatly and make a chic ponytail. If your hair isn’t washed, sprinkle some powder on them and you’re good to go.


If nothing else, get a killer pair of heels (even if you’ve to purchase a pair on the way) as nothing gets you in the groove than a striking pair of heels. If your outfit is sombre, get a kinky shade that will up the ante, and how! Let your watch act as a statement piece and your finger rings can remain the only bits of jewellery on you. Don’t try to clunk up as you’re wearing formals and streetside junk will look totally mismatched. Even if you can’t go for an elaborate nail polish session, apply some petroleum jelly on your nails and use your lipstick and lipstick brush as last minute polish! It will also add that quirk factor to your ensemble.

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