This Festive Season Try And Motivate Your Employees Using Uncommon Methods

We share a few ways you can motivate your employees using non-traditional ways, which at the same time wouldn’t cost you a fortune.

With festive mood all around, many employees look forward to something that makes them feel happy about their work.

Most of them look forward to a Diwali bonus.

But the corporate world has been shrinking over the years as companies increasingly have been maintaining their distance from Diwali bonuses, especially when it comes to awarding bonuses to managers.

While companies don’t really wish to make an unnecessary expenditure, keeping their spirits high is equally important for the productivity of the organization. We share a few ways you can motivate your employees using non-traditional ways, which at the same time wouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Best becomes the boss

Ask your employees to come up for ideas on a certain project, without revealing the reward they’re going to receive for it. Once in the meeting, select the best idea and make the employee who proposed the idea, carry out the position you hold in the company, for a week. Hence, best becomes the boss.

Awesome corporate gifts

One of the best ways for employee appreciation, corporate gifts always work wonders. You could give the whole team a surprise or surprise them individually. Gifts for the corporate sector may include things like, promotional canvas bags, appreciation mugs, T-shirts with company logo on it etc. Corporate gifts never fail to show their effect. Also, they help strengthen the boss-employee relationship that raises the standard of your business.

Rangoli competition

Make them fly high with your spirits of tinted colours. Create rules and participate in the competition like any other team member. Apart from allowing a stress free, friendly environment in the workplace, the competition would also anticipate ingenuity. Moreover it’s always fun to see men taking part in something as creative as rangoli.

Family involvement

There’s nothing better than making an employee’s family feel, how important they are. Host a lamp decoration for the kids, or invite them for a snack at the workplace. You making an attempt to thank the family for their support, is a big way to appreciate and motivate your employees.

Allow them to rest

Nothing better than this motivation for an employee. Though it might seem counterintuitive to you, napping is an excellent way to motivate your workforce. A number of companies, both large and small have nap rooms where employees can catch a snooze, even if only for 15 minutes. You can always add a napping culture to your company.

A festive season mostly has a negative impact on the productivity of the company, as employees wish to take part equally in the celebrations. As the boss, it is your responsibility to keep them motivated so as the productivity of the organization does not get affected.

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