How To Increase The Length Of Hair In A Natural Way

Increase The Length Of Hair

Almost every girl wants to have long hair that are healthy and makes them look prettier than ever.

In fact, a lot of girls face heavy hair fall that not just takes away the hair from their scalp but also stops the growth of hair by 90%.

Well, using chemical products for this problem might help you a little in the beginning but they turn out to be harmful in the long run.

So, instead of that, why don’t you try to stop that hair fall and increase the length of hair in a natural way?

Yes, it’s possible. There are ways to increase the length of hair in a natural way. You can do it all at home. Here’s how:

Ways to increase the length of hair –

1. Use onion juice

Onion contains sulphur that helps in boosting collagen production which helps in the growth of hair. Though it smells strong, it will give just what your hair need to grow more. All you have to do is cut onion into slices and squeeze its juice by grating it. Apply on your scalp for 20 minutes and then wash your hair with cold water.


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