Here Are 8 Reasons Why You’re Still Single And I Bet You’ll Agree With Me On This!

Reasons Why You’re Still Single

” Reasons Why You’re Still Single 

Have you ever been into that phase of life where you keep looking at the happy couples and keep wondering “Oh God, when am I gonna be that way”… Or do you ever look at them and think “Thank God, I’m not in a relationship.”? To be honest, I’ve been through both. You know, there are actually several reasons why you are single. Sometimes you can’t figure out the reason and sometimes you’ve the answer.

This one is to all my buddies who are literally confused about “Why the heck am I still single”? Look, before you get the answer, let me tell you that there is NOTHING wrong with you. With these reasons, try to understand your life-situation and get your answer.

So, here are the reasons why you’re still single : –

  1. You’re stuck on someone

Stuck on someone usually means “unrequited love”. Sometimes we seriously invest time on someone who just don’t care and in-between checking their status, photos etc…we never move on. You might be in this situation right now. I know that it’s completely hard to be in this situation but always digging there will only make you sacred and uncomfortable to open up with other people. So, move on.

  1. You’re attracted to the shitty one

Sorry but I am not sorry to use “Shitty”…You know why, because you know who that shitty is. Now you might be single because you’re attracted to the guy from your classroom, who is good at ignoring things and ignoring you as well. Such guys/girls are only meant to be crushes (Not sure about that too) But yes, this can be a good reason to be single.

  1. You don’t want to try

Yes, this happens a lot. Even though you’re attracted to the person, you don’t try as in you don’t put efforts to make things happen. And because of the lack of efforts you stay single. You know what, give up “not trying” and open up.

  1. You think that career is MORE important

When you start concentrating on your career or something important, then you certainly feel that you have no time for love. Even though it includes chatting or going on blind dates, none of this matters when you’re busy working on your professional life.

  1. You feel uncomfortable about yourself

In uncomfortableness, even if a person genuinely appreciates your beauty, you don’t feel like trusting them. You know why that happens? It happens because you’re low on self-confidence.

Trust me; no matter what size or how tall or short you are- You are BEAUTIFUL and you should be CONFIDENT about yourself. After-all, confidence is SEXY too.

  1. You cannot compromise easily

Relationships demands compromise and you might be a person who hate that fact. You’re someone who just can’t compromise your things easily and even if you do then you know that it’ll be like a tough battle. So, in short if you can’t maintain that commitment then that’s the reason why you’re single.

  1. You believe too much in PERFECTION

Alright, let me remind you that there is no such thing as PERFECTION. So, if you’re waiting for things to happen in your real-life, like they happen in movies and romantic stuff, then you need to stop dreaming.

If you’re looking for perfect things which means you’ll never accept flaws etc…then frankly you’ll always remain single.

  1. You HATE dating

If you’re someone who’ve been in a several relationship or if your heart is deeply broken, then there are chances that now you hate dating. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. And also, time will heal everything as quickly as possible.

So, according to me, these were the 8 reasons why you’re still single. Do you have anything to add? Comment below. 

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