I want to look my age!

The only thing that now rankles me is the constant ranting of those age defying facial creams that claim to make you look younger.



I am a woman in my late 20s, and I am enjoying every bit of this ‘growing older’ experience. Despite the fact that I see myself in the mirror everyday, an old college photo album pulled my attention to my younger days that were now firmly tucked in the rear-view mirror. My face had gone through over all these years. But hey! It did not come as a jolt. Some extra pounds on my face and a few strands of grey hair, notwithstanding, I liked everything about this imperceptible transformation. 


Like, graduating from beer and vodka to wine and whiskey. From chick-flicks to alternate cinema, from dating guys with dimples and pink lips to having meaningful conversations with older men, permanently shifting my beliefs, getting about the spin cycle (commiting the same mistakes repeatedly.) From a girl to a lady! Trust me it is as classy as it sounds.  Not only I am in love with myself, but I feel sexier.  

I remember when my body was going through physical changes, I never wanted to stop that process. So, why should I do anything about my wrinkles? Whatever you think is wrong with your body and appearance, just stop worrying. You’ll look back someday and realize how wonderful you looked. Atleast, I am sure about it. What I like about this age is that you don’t subject yourself to constant comparisions.


The only thing that now rankles me is the constant ranting of those age defying facial creams that claim to make you look younger. Everytime Kajol comes on television giving me gyaan about the seven signs of aging, I feel like pulling her out of the  screen and asking her, “What do want to look like at 40? A 14 year old school girl with folded hems of those burberry checkered skirts and two ponytails?” Everyday these ads and endorsements are thrust on my face incorrigibly trying to make me feel terrible about growing old.

In fact amid all these illogical and forced marketing tactics, I recently came across a coming-of-age commercial by Nivea featuring Arjun Rampal that says, “Jaise ho waise dikho”. Bang on! I am floored by the simplicity of the campaign that not only encourages me to be myself, but  also sends across a strong message to the fools around me, who fall for these marketing gimmicks. 

For all those insecure, inferior and vulnerable women out there, I want to tell them — Age gracefully and be proud, because you are worth it!

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