How to take care of your French manicure

Everybody loves the French tips, but maintaining it can be a really tough as they chip faster than normal tips.

Pretty nails never go out of style, especially the famed French manicure that has girls going crazy all over the world. But maintaining it can be a really tough as the French tips chip faster than normal tips. Here’s how you can take care of them. Read on:

No-chip top coat:
Every 2-3 days, you have to polish your nails with a no-chip top coat that will keep your nails shiny and intact. This way, you’ll save a couple of trips to the salon. Go for a branded top coat so that your nails don’t get discoloured.

No bleach:
Acrylic nails react instantly with detergent and beach, so always wear gloves while working with bleach. And as far as you can, avoid dipping your nails in foam,

No constant texting:
Yes, this is an obvious one. You don’t want your manicure to lose its sheen or the nails to appear cracked. So keep a check on your smartphone use, if you want your manicure to last longer.

Filing regularly:
You have to keep filing your nails regularly, no excuses there. Even if you don’t do it as well as a professional, you must do it as often as you can. Buy a home manicure kit that’s easy to use and understand.

Cleaning brush:
Acrylic nails are home to fungal growth and infection, so invest in a cleaning brush that will keep your nails dry and clean.

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