Hair Dye That Changes Color According To The Temperature !

Hair dye that changes color

Hair dye that changes color – Hair colours are something that all the fashionistas are obsessed off, it instantly gives you a chic look and covers grey smartly.

Women just love hair colours and can’t get enough of them and this is the reason with every makeover they change hair colour.

But, now no more spending a fortune on changing of hair colour or, undergoing the torture of change in colour. All thanks to the colour changing hair dye which changes according to the temperature. So, you can flaunt everyday new colour and style and look like a true diva.

Sounds weird? Yeah, it sound weird but that is possible now.

Want to know more about it?  Here you go…

Hair dye that changes color

  • A UK based company called as THE UNSEEN has come up with this innovation idea and products.
  • This product is called as FIRE and yes this hair dye will be able to change colours.
  • You will be able to change between two colors when you are using this hair dye.
  • There are many colors you can change but it all depends on the type of dye you are using. You can change from blue to white color, black to white, cold black to hot red, and black to yellow as well.
  • The change of color depends completely on the temperature but again you should know that it needs different temperature for different color changes. For example black color to change to red, then the temperature required is 31⁰ C and for blue to white is going to be different. You will need a temperature of 15⁰ C for it.

This really sounds interesting right?

But many are worried if this hair dye FIRE can do so much, will that be harmful to the scalp? Lauren Bower who is a scientist has clarified this confused and stated that they have made this hair dye with a lot of care and caution. It does not cause any kind of damage to the hair fibre or to the human scalp. You are not going to face any problem with its use.

According To The Temperature !

Hair dye that changes color – So, what are you waiting for? It is now time to show off that special and stylish side of you. Go for it. Try it today.

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