Seven Things You Must Never Abide In A Relationship

Things you must never abide

No wonder, a relationship works only when two people value each other equally.

However one also says when a person is deeply in love; they can’t figure out the harms that their relationship causes sometimes.  Or the way their partner treats ‘em is not given a special attention.

But tolerating unnecessary things -is that worth it? Hell NO! Because you deserve someone who not only loves you but also respects you at the same time.

Well, it is not necessary that a relationship will last & sometimes if it’s destined to be then all it requires is a kick-start.

But then again, how worth is that? Well, these few things you must never abide in your relationship will give you an answer.

Things you must never abide in relationship –

  1. Insulting

No one deserves getting insulted. Right? Well, so do you. If your partner is constantly insulting you then you must tell your significant other to STOP doing it. Not only because it is hurting you but also because you don’t deserve it at all.

  1. Violent Behaviour

Many women think it’s a part of a relationship to deal with but NO it isn’t. You must never ever take up any aggression because no matter what nobody has a right to beat you up.

So, the next time your partner physically abuses you, leave the relationship.

  1. Body Shaming

You are beautiful  in the way you are & when your partner come & tell you –“you look ugly and so” just tell your significant other that you don’t need any judge.

Ladies, feel pretty because you are.

  1. Controlling

Once that you’re committed it doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice yourself.  If your partner is always trying to control you then tell ‘em up you have your own choices & opinions.

Always remember- You have your own rights so don’t let anybody take that away from you.

  1. Unwanted sexual action

If you’re not willing to have sex that means it’s a NO. Now if your partner is constantly forcing you or hurting you to do so then don’t accept it at all.

Intimacy is a delicate part of a relationship & if that’s not respected then you better let it go.

  1. Dishonest

Just like trust; honesty matters a lot in a relationship. If you feel your partner is always dishonest then you better don’t stand it at all. A person who continuously lies about necessary things should never be trusted.

  1. No encouragement

No need to compromise each & everything. Well, if you feel your partner is not supporting you or encouraging you then it might be that your other half is deep down jealous.  And certainly, you don’t deserve the fuss at all.

These are the things you must never abide in relationship. Any thoughts? Do Comment below.

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