5 Fashion Tricks That Will Help You Hide That Extra Fat

fashion tricks that hide fat

If you are a fashion maniac, then you probably know how it is to dress up when you have got some extra fat.

But for the normal who are not that much into fashion, mistakes are all they commit which makes them look fatter than they are.

Well, they don’t know that there are some quick tips that can help them look thinner than they are within a few minutes.

Yes, all you need is to pay a little attention to the small details here and there and you will look as fab as you are every time you walk out.

On that note, here are 5 fashion tricks that hide fat.

Fashion tricks that hide fat –

  1. Don’t opt for tight fit.

I know it’s your body and you can wear what you want, but if you want to look as fit as you are, it’s time you let go those bodycon clothes. Instead, opt for tops and dresses that are a little lose but fit, which allows your body to take its own shape.

  1. Say no to collars.

If you have heavy breasts, you need to stay away from those collars from now onwards. If you really wish to wear something with a collar, it’s better for you to choose a mandarin collar.

  1. Wear straight fit bottoms.

When it comes to bottoms, skinny is not what you need. Rather go for a straight fit that allows your body to look lean and much more toned than it already is. Going for skinny will make those bulges appear more than they are.

  1. Ethnic will make you look better.

For those who are a little bulgy, ethnic wear makes them look thinner than they are. It is all about the creation and the shape that ethic wear provides, which makes your body look leaner.

  1. Do not match your clothes.

You might not believe this thing, but matching your clothes from top to bottom makes you look bulgier. So, it’s better to either opt for various contrasts or something that can make your attire not so predictable for your body.

These are the fashion tricks that hide fat – So, if you want to look thinner than you are, these tips are bound to come handy. Experiment yourself and let us know!

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