Theatre And Performing Arts Courses In Florence, Italy: The Mecca of Theatrical Art And Culture!


Don’t you wish you could learn performance arts and theatrical skills from the country that has the most prolific theatre background and world-class directors hailing from it?

Give Italy a chance! This country boasts of the most prolific history of film-making and theatrical arts; more than any country! Most historical movies are shot here, the latest season of Game of Thrones was shot here too!

Why Are These Courses In Italy Better Than The Ones In America Or Other Parts Of Europe? 

  • Not only are these courses from Italy similar in structure and cheaper than courses offered in the US or UK, they are more widely recognized due to their acceptance and competence in the global performance arts genre.
  • Also, it is much easier to get a work or student visa and clearance to Italy in comparison to the aforementioned countries since the crime rate here is low and most people throng here for tourist retreats.

Why Italy?

The list is endless, Riccardo Buscarini,Claudio Guarino, Sergio Maltagliati, Ennio Marchetto and Romina de Novellis all hail from Italy – the one-stop destination for learning the best of theatre acting, stage performance and choreography from the best in the industry! Films like Under the Tuscan Sun,Room with a View, Hannibal and The English Patient were all shot in Italy.

Florence, Italy is like the Mecca of such courses where enthusiast actors, dancers and performers arrive in order to fulfil their dream of learning theatrical skills from the best in the Industry.

The most engaging factor about studying in Italy is the cheap livelihood cost and transportation since Italy is revered for its road connectivity options.

Now we look at a few performance and theatrical courses from Florence, Italy that you can opt for:


International School of Liberal & Performing Arts

This college offers various courses at the Bachelors and Masters level for aspiring students. The courses available there for 2015 are:

  1. Bachelor of Performing Arts – Dance Theatre and Education Minors (3 Years) which includes Choreography (1st year) and Stage and Dance Education(2nd year)
  2. Bachelor of Music – Jazz Studies And Performance ( 3 years)
  3. Master of Management of the Performing Arts – Music Theatre Production ( 2 years )

Eligibility: 10+2 or Graduate (for Masters), Student Visa, TOEFL and IELTS pass, Police clearance and health insurance is a must.

International school of liberal and performing arts

International School of Liberal & Performing Arts


New York Film Academy Florence

This college is a branch of the iconic New York Film Academy but it caters to students in Italy at one-third of the USA fees.

  1. The college doesn’t offer any degree courses, but it offers two short-term diplomas for a 4-week Theatre Acting course and a 1-week superfast Theatre Acting Basics
  2. An 8-week Acting for Film course is also part of the courses to enable theatre artists learn the nitty-gritties of performing in front of a multi-camera setup.

Eligibility: 10+2, 6 months Student Visa, TOEFL and IELTS passand Police clearance from Govt. of Tuscany.

New York Film Academy Florence

New York Film Academy Florence


LDM College (Lorenze’ de’ Medici’), Florence

This college is hailed as the ultimate dance and performance learning arena of Italy since it offers a myriad of courses related to traditional Italian dances like Flamenco and Italianized Ballet. Some of the courses offered here are:

Short-Term Certifications Available At LDM:

  1. Introduction to Modern Dance
  2. Introduction to Ballet
  3. Expanding Creativity
  4. Flamenco
  5. Body Language and Communication Techniques
  6. Intermediate Modern Dance
  7. Renaissance Historical Dance
  8. Intermediate Ballet

Degree Courses Available At LDM:

  1. A. Fine Arts: Studio Art
  2. S. Studio Art

Both these courses offer credits in Italian Theatre, Italian Opera, History of Italian Cinema, The Venice Film Festival, Understanding Movies: Theory and Practice, etc. apart from regular credits.

Eligibility: 10+2, ValidStudent Visa, TOEFL or IELTS passed. Health Certificate is optional.

LDM College

LDM College

If you aspiring to be a choreographer, theatre manager, set decorator, actor, opera dancer or ballet professional, you should consider Italy as your starting point! Not only do they teach in-depth about Italian culture and global theatrics, they also help you hone your skills for accentuating your talent better.

Once you study in Italy ‘Arrivederci’ is something that will be on your mind… it means ‘we meet again soon’. All the best from us for an exciting study tour to Italy!

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