How to Make A Considerable Change In Management Structure Without Getting Your Employees Affected

How to change management structure – Transition can be tricky, and as a leader it’s your duty to ensure that none of your team members feel uncomfortable or negatively affected by the change.

Creating and managing change is not easy, irrespective of the size of the company.

Organizational change is not new to the corporate world. However, talking of entrepreneurial world, not many start-ups undergo a change in management structure, unless required.

An organization’s climate is defined by how the employees view its fundamental reason for being successful.

Transition can be tricky, and as a leader it’s your duty to ensure that none of your team members feel uncomfortable or negatively affected by the change.

– Holding transparent conversations

That you are on a constant look out for people for specific job roles is not hidden from your existing team members. Know that your first recruits are as important for your start-up as you are. Not because they were on board before the others, but because they have seen the start-up grow and develop at every stage. So make sure that you discuss the structure with your team and take their suggestions as well. That said, the more honest and upfront you will be, easier will be the transition for your team.

– Allow space for comfort

Rearranging your management structure will create a learning curve in your company. While there will be changes employees will adapt to easily, there will also be changes which might make them feel lost in the new order. Give the employees their own space to grow. While making the new management structure, make sure that there is no hindrance in their style of working. Hold meetings once in a week and take their individual feedback, so as to not disrupt any element, your already onboard employees liked a lot.

– Participate in the change

A number of times there could be situations that might make you think that the older style was better. However, before you take any step on implementing the previous style back, remember that if you want your employees to think high of the company, you need to be the first one to set an example. To make the change work better and more effectively, you need to be a part of the change yourself.  

– Employee’s perspective

One of the biggest factors that contribute in making your start-up successful is your team’s productivity. Before you implement the changes, try using a dummy to see if employees are affected in a negative way. Talk to them about what is occurring, why are the changes being made, and how will the changes affect them in a good way. Arrive at a solution that’s in the best interest for the employees and the organization. After all there’s happy employees are considered the biggest achievement when it comes to entrepreneurship sector.

In any case if you notice that the structure you implemented is affecting the organization in a negative way, keep it on hold and work on areas that you think, are affective the productivity. Just like one size does not fit all, the change may be difficult for your team to adapt.  

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