Shahid goes R’¦Raapchik with R…Rajkumar!

Shahid gets a rough look for his upcoming role in R’¦Rajkumar

The official trailer of Prabhudeva’s next flick R…Rajkumar is out starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha. For the first time Shahid will be seen in a complete action hero avatar and have to say the rustic look suits him.  Catch the first look of R…Rajkumar right here!


This is Prabhudeva’s fourth directorial venture in Bollywood and like always his trademark is all over the first look. Shahid as the larger-than-life goon, check. Sonakshi Sinha as the tough girl who falls for the baddie Shahid, check. Action sequences, in which the fighters are literally flying in one motion, check. A villain who is as hot as the hero and wait for it, shares the same love interest, check. And lastly of course some mind boggling dance sequences and with Shahid doing those moves, double check!

My first impression of the promo was it looks too much like a bhelpuri of Wanted and Rowdy Rathore. Yes, certain aspects are strikingly similar but what came out shining was Shahid Kapoor in his new image. He carried off the attitude quite impressively, delivered dialogues flawlessly, he needs no training in romancing Sonakshi and dance is anyway his forte. Seems like he will be able to fill all the criteria for being a Prabhudeva’s actor.

But what caught my attention was those heavy dialogues hich sound corny at first but we all know how they go on to become popular. Remember dialogues from Wanted, “Ek baar jo maine commitment kardi…” or the one from Rowdy Rathore, “Don’t angry me.” This movie too has some epic one-liners which can go down history. Like when Shahid says, “silent hoja warna main violent hojaunga,” or “choti cheez hi aksar badhe kaam karti hai”. And obviously the tagline of the movie, “meri life mein sirf do cheez hai: pyaar, pyaar, pyaar ya maar, maar,  maar!”

Phew! Those are one too many heavy statements but impactful nonetheless. Very neatly Prabhudeva has set the tone of the movie from the first look itself and surely this one will be worth watching. The movie is slated to release on 6th December, 2013

Shahid’s career has been flailing for the past few years, his latest release Phata Poster also didn’t manage to help him get back his position in the industry. Hopefully, with R…Rajkumar his career will get the much needed revival boost and he will be once again seen delivering hits. Shahid is an actor par excellence and he has proved that time and again but either luck is not on his side or he’s losing his charm, but in any case he’s one actor everyone should look out for. You never know when he may surprise you!

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