How Being Late Is Good For You

Being Late

Being late – if you are one of those people who are always referred as Mr. or Ms. Late, then congratulations as it’s not as bad as they say it is.

In fact, being late is a sign of an optimistic person and not many people know about it.

And if you’re one of those people who are chronically late, you have my sympathies for the loads of criticism that you get on a consistent basis.

I am sure you are not an unproductive, lazy or an inconsiderate person and you don’t really enjoy when people wait for you. It’s just a simple result of your personality and how your mind works, that’s it. That being said, if you are always late, then you must improve that habit but yes, you must also know about the hidden benefits of being late too.

First of all, those who are continuously late are actually more optimistic in life. Well, they believe they can do a lot of things together in limited time and hope to finish everything at once. In simple words, they are always full of hopes. Though you may call it unrealistic, it sometimes pays off when they are able to finish things with in the time. In fact, the researchers say that optimism is good for your physical health benefits. It helps in reducing stress and the probabilities of catching any heart disease. Also, optimism keeps you happy and positive in life. What else would you ask for?

Secondly, people who are chronically late believe in living in the moment. Such people don’t care about what will happen if they get late for somewhere. All they care about is being where they are at the moment and enjoying that particular thing without worrying about the time. The point is that being late doesn’t really mean you don’t care about things. Instead, it means you care about things more than others and that’s why you finish one thing completely and only then you head to the other one without worrying about the time.

So, next time someone tells you that you are always late, give them this explanation and tell them how beneficial it is for you to be late.

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