These Top 5 Indian Start Ups Are So Great That Every Body Wants To Join

Indian start ups are mushrooming in every corner of our nation as entrepreneurial spirit. And start ups in our nation are really doing well and many have got funding from venture capitalists as well.

Another best part of the startup revolution is that they are also boosting employment opportunities in India.

But many feel that working in startup is not good for their career and there is no job security as well. But we cannot ignore the fact how these innovative start ups are doing well.

Let’s have a look at some best and top start ups that are ruling the roost in corporate scene:

    1. Flipkart

The top spot is undoubtedly grabbed by Flipkart. It was founded by Bansal brothers (Sachin and Binny) is now riding high on success. Right now it is one of the trusted and reliable shopping sites and slowly it may become the biggest e commerce giant. Many professionals are aspiring to join this start up as it is very renowned brand and also it is known for employee friendly policies.


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