How Are Women Proving Themselves To Be Better Entrepreneurs Than Men?

Why are women entrepreneurs better than men – More and more women are becoming entrepreneurs nowadays. Best part is that most of them are successful. What is the secret behind that?

Men and women were created equal, but since the dawn of time, women were relegated to a domestic life, thought of as unfit to work or rule the business world.

Things are, however, changing at a pretty fast pace and for good.

More and more women are finding their voice and showcasing their skills at work-place, not only as efficient and productive employees, but also as smart and successful entrepreneurs. There is so much of excitement related to the success ratio of female entrepreneurs compared to their male counterparts that we thought of pinning down the reasons for same.

Here are some of the defining personality traits which help women succeed in their business.

1) Strong networking skills

Compared to men, women are more social and this helps them in connecting with a wider group of people, leading to better contacts and wider customer reach. Even a small-locality based boutique or a beauty parlour gets acceptance and better business based on social skills of women.



2) Multitasking

It is a proven fact that women can multitask in a far better manner than men. Handling family, work and social life, all at the same time isn’t easy, but somehow women are able to find a balance and fulfil their duties without any hiccups.



3) Concern for others

Nature has made women to be caring and considerate towards others. This helps them in businesses where direct interaction with customers is of paramount importance. Their empathy skills and ability to understand the customers’ needs helps to build a strong rapport with customer resulting in better business relationships.



4) Less Egoistic

Women are more concerned about self-respect rather than being on an ego-trip most of the time. This reduces potential confrontations and helps to have a smooth working style. It works both with their employees as well as clients and customers.



5) Respect opinions

Women are known to take collective decisions instead of forcing their views and opinions on others. This habit of listening to their team and customers make them take sound, informed and better decisions resulting in providing healthy solutions to their customer base.



6) Calculative

Whether it is their dynamics with in-laws or husband, women think and take calculated risks, keeping in mind the sanctity of each relation. They are not brazen in their attitude towards life or relations. This thinking helps in taking calculated risks even in business resulting in lesser failures and losses.



7) Importance of life

For women, life is as important as work. They are not ready to sacrifice the fun of living a fulfilling life for only money and success. This helps them to maintain a fine balance and impacts the attitude of people working around them as well in a positive manner. Satisfied colleagues and customers are bound to contribute to a women entrepreneur’s success!


These are some of the points which are applicable to most of the successful businesswomen. Every woman is not supposed to have all these traits, but those who do, either some or all of them, are worthy of success they achieve!

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