5 Exceptional Things To Do When You’re Unemployed

We share five exceptional things you could do while you’re unemployed and are looking for a job. Read on!

It’s quite natural if you assumed your first job would last for a lifetime.

If you’ve just quit your job and have a decent amount of moolah to spend, maybe you should take a break and release the ordeal you’ve dealt with, for the past few years. Even though you’re left with not-so-big amount of savings, following your dreams of doing things extraordinarily, could be a good idea before you take up a new job. We share five exceptional things you could do while you’re unemployed and are looking for a job. Read on!

1. Read voraciously

If you’re a book lover, like me, you’d know what I am talking about here. Those who resort to reading, to bust off their stress, the best thing to do is to unlimit your imagination, for this would not only help you feel confident but also give you the morale boosting theories to work further. Also, go back to reading one of those books you had earlier declared as boring. Do it once and you’ll know why I did I suggest you to go for it.

2. An adventurous trip

While on the look out for a job, you generally tend to get stressed or depressed. So, by the time you get a confirmation from one of the places you’ve applied to, maybe you should go for an adventure trip, all alone. If you’ve dreamt of skydiving or deep sea diving, it’s time you packed your bags. And if not, there’s always a back up plan- Go Goa.

3. Watch Indian TV soaps back to back

Yes, you read it right. The Indian TV soaps not only makes you laugh, but also prepares you to expect the unexpected. Even in the scenes that are meant to make you sentimental, all you say is WTF! You also get to rack your brains and fell confident about making one of those better than you’re currently watching. Hah!

4. Involve yourself in long lost activities

Remember there was a time, you religiously used to go out to play and catch up with your buddies? Go to a park. Indulge in the innocence of childhood once again. Get used to the hard core outdoor games that you used to look forward to as a kid. There is a reason why kids are never stressed.

5. Volunteer

There is nothing as good as the feeling you get when helping the needy. For this time, when you’re off your job, follow your passion and be a volunteer. It will not only give you a personal satisfaction, but will also tell your potential employers, about how different are you from the other candidates. After all, when companies hire, they don’t only look for people who can get the job done, effectively and in minimum time, but also for people who have integrity and follows his passion.

It’s obvious that you’d want to look for something new and better when you’re unemployed. Try these and let us know about your experience.

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