Why Youngisthan Is Going Gaga Over Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket

The gaming mindset is quite common among young millennials and over the past few years, fantasy games have been the go-to preserve of sports enthusiasts. Fantasy gaming has successfully made sports much more interactive and converted the interests of the fan from a passive to an active one. And Kiren Rijuju, India’s Union Minister of Youth Affairs & Sports, agrees to this as he had said during the 10th Global Sports Summit TURF in 2020 that fantasy sports are contributing to the growth of sports in the country. He further shared his views about how fantasy sports are playing an important role in helping sports consumption in the country by linking fans with their much-loved sports. 

While fantasy sports platforms have all sports including hockey, kabaddi and football, the pull of the youngisthan is toward cricket. After all, cricket is a religion and culture in India and the youngsters are crazy over Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Saurav Ganguly and Virat Kohli, among others. These cricketers are worshipped and since there are so many cricket fans in the country, it didn’t take fantasy cricket apps too long to find dedicated sports nerds who would spend hours researching teams and players to form the best cricket virtual team. 

The fantasy cricket apps are a convenient and safe platform for young millennials to enjoy their favorite sport at their leisure. They are attracted to this fantasy gaming world because of the excitement and thrill that it offers, along with the promise of a real sports experience. You can become a part of this high-octane experience if you opt for MPL fantasy cricket app download. Once downloaded, you can create fantasy cricket teams of real-life players and play current or upcoming matches. 

Fantasy cricket is the answer to the millennials’ desperate cry for entertainment 

Millennials are not used to being couch potatoes. At least, not idle couch potatoes. They need some form of entertainment to make them sit in one place for long hours. But, so far, the games that revolved around sports were not interactive enough and didn’t make them feel a part of that world. Then comes fantasy sports and it changed the way sports games are played forever. It brought about a new age of gaming that is fast, intense, and energetic – just what GenX likes!

Fantasy cricket apps allow sports and game enthusiasts to have the time of their life. They have to utilize their knowledge of the game of cricket to play fantasy cricket. All the rules of the actual game apply here including the pitch and weather conditions. This makes players peer themselves in a lot of research where they have to find out about the pitch condition of the match and accordingly choose players who would be suitable for that pitch type. They also have to closely follow sports news and follow the performances of real-life players. Fantasy cricket is not about selecting your favorite cricketer, but it is about selecting cricketers who are currently performing and are in the best form. All of this takes a lot of time and makes fantasy cricket app users feel that they are responsible for taking care of a cricket team, even though virtual. 

The IPL fever is on!

The IPL is one format of cricket that captures the pulse of young India. Riding on the back of imported cheerleaders, star quotient and sinful biddings, the IPL is a spectacle. The fast-paced format of the game resonates with GenX and after the disaster that 2020 was, people are looking forward to IPL 2021. However, nobody is sure if the stadium will be allowed to be packed because the pandemic has not yet been eliminated.

But, this year, the millennials can immerse themselves in the IPL experience on their fantasy cricket apps. They can play the match of their choice, conduct rigorous team selections and be a part of the entire IPL glitz and glam, without having to leave their home. 

A platform that allows sports enthusiasts to show-off their zeal

Millennials are absolutely fanatic about sports, especially cricket. This is why they can readily and whole-heartedly accept the concept of fantasy gaming. Fantasy cricket has become a genuine source of entertainment for the youngsters as it gives them a chance to follow their passion and use their knowledge of the game to hone their cricket skills. What makes fantasy cricket so irresistible is the fact that users get to take part in intense challenges in the form of cricket leagues and tournaments. Whether it is IPL or the world cup, cricket fans are given a chance to actually be a part of the excitement on the ground through their mobile devices. 

Star player endorsements is an encouragement for the millennials

Fantasy cricket is being endorsed by popular cricketers and this is encouraging cricket fans to download the app and start playing. Popular cricketers like Sourav Ganguly (AKA Dada), Yuvraj Singh, and others are associated with one or the other fantasy cricket platforms. Fantasy cricket app makers are also sponsoring IPL teams and this is helping in bringing the apps right on the radar of the young millennials. 

Final thoughts 

Fantasy cricket is a power-up of a unique kind. It offers a rewarding and fun-filled experience that helps to keep sports enthusiasts pumped. Playing fantasy cricket can never be a boring or dull experience and it provides a one-of-a-kind engagement that users will never get tired of. Over the years, fantasy cricket has become one of the best ways to stay hooked for hours. You’ll find millennials glued to their devices and fixated on the game whenever they find the time. It might be while standing in the queue or traveling to work. 

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