5 Records By Rafael Nadal That Are Unlikely To Be Broken Any Time Soon

Records of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal, undoubtedly, is one of the modern day tennis greats.

Nicknamed “The King of Clay”, Nadal has won 14 Grand Slams and is three titles shy of equalling the record of 17 Grand Slams by his Swiss adversary Roger Federer.

On his road to achieving people’s respect and all the glory that are attached to his name, Nadal had several records to his name.

These records are highly impressive and might take a person of equal calibre as Nadal or a superhuman to topple them of the charts. Let us look at the records Held By Rafael Nadal In Tennis–

Teenager to Win Most Singles Titles in a Year


Rafael Nadal in 2005

Till date, Nadal has had the best phase in his career in the year 2005, where he won an astounding eleven titles. 2005 was also the year he won his first Grand Slam when he defeated Roger Federer in the French Open final. On his course to winning eleven titles as a teenager, Nadal overtook the previously held record of nine titles by Mats Wilander. It is true that teens are playing their best tennis in the current tennis circuit, but surpassing the record of eleven titles appears daunting.


Best Career Wins Percentage

career wins percentage

Nadal has the best career win percentage in tennis

Though Rafael Nadal is known for playing the best on clay court, he has won all Grand Slams at least once in his career. This proves that he has the ability to dominate on every surface and his overall career winning percentage verifies it. Nadal’s overall win-loss record is staggering leading his winning percentage to an impressive number of over 80%.


Best Win Percentage on Clay Court

clay court wins percentage

The King of Clay has 92.9% wins on clay court

Nadal has dominated the Open era when it comes to clay court since making his debut. From defeating Roger Federer to claim his first French Open title as a teenager to winning the title eight more times, he has done it all. He is rightfully called ‘The King of Clay’ with a win percentage on clay court being 92.9%.


Best Win Percentage at the French Open Tournament

french open tournament

At French Open, Nadal’s win percentage is 98.5

At French Open tournament, Nadal averages highest with a win percentage of 98.5. His 66-1 win-loss record is implausible. The only loss he suffered at the French Open came against Robin Söderling at Roland Garros in 2009.


Youngest Person to Complete Career Grand Slam

career grand slam

Nadal is the youngest tennis player to complete a career grand slam

As mentioned earlier, Rafael Nadal has won all four Grand Slam titles at some point of time in life. He is also the youngest person in tennis history to achieve this feat. He was 24 at the time when he completed a career Grand Slam in the open era.

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