Global Sports Business Show 2017 To Tap Into The Indian Sports Ecosystem

Global Sports Business Show 2017

Sports industry in India has undergone a dramatic shift in the past 20 years and is on the path to becoming a sporting nation. In an attempt to accentuate the government’s vision to create a sustainable sporting ecosystem in India and to deliberate on the positive steps, The Times of India will hosts the  ‘2nd Global Sports Business Show’ on 16th – 17th – 18th November’17 in Mumbai.

India’s share of the global sports goods export market is expected to grow manifold with the country establishing the credibility of its sports goods in the international market. Owing to India’s ambition in the field of sports and Indian government’s endeavours to promote sports in the country, GSBS’17 will aim working towards the dream of becoming a truly international sporting nation with world class infrastructure.To create an additional positive impact on the business of sports, key industry stakeholders will discuss the trends, opportunities, challenges and innovations. The 3 day event will deliver a dynamic mix of offerings which will cater to the entire gambit of Sports in India in the sports marketing domain through a series of keynotes, case studies and panel discussions.Understanding the importance and prospects of the Indian sports industry, The Times of India GSBS will explore different facets of sports from showcasing developing sports associations in the space to charting the evolution of sports into an entertainment industry with celebrities playing a focal role more than ever. The show will be an unparalleled platform for everyone who wants to understand the economics of sports and ensure all attendees uncover new opportunities, for succeeding in the business of sports is no child’s play.

Like last year the Times of India – Global Sports Business Show, there is a sub-classification of focused zones so as to create a dynamic mix of offerings which will cater to the entire gambit of Sports in India. The Knowledge Zone, Business Zone, Workshop Zone and the Action Zone. The event will see participation of Over 5000 National & International sports products with government participation from states like Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab & Assam. It will witness confresses like Global Sports Infrastructure Investment & CSR Summit, Global Sports Science Summit, ISPO Academy’s Global Sports Textile Forum, Global Sports Science Summit, Global Sports Tech Summit and Enabling India’s Olympic Vision.

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