Contest Winning Story: Dear Money, What Is Your Worth? With Whom Do You Want To be?

I asked all these questions to the ever famous paper – Money, bearing many names in different parts of the world, yet holds it own importance irrespective of cast & creed who has it.

What is money? 

Is money medium? 

A tool? 

A facilitator? 

 What does it bring by itself? Does it bring love while you posses it? 

Does it bring happiness? Does it bring peace? 

I asked all these questions to the ever famous paper – Money, bearing many names in different parts of the world, yet holds it own importance irrespective of cast & creed who has it. 

It said to me I am Just a design which incidentally caught fancy of few people decades back. They felt I look impressive enough to entice another human to be desirous of me & give anything in exchange. In my quest to experience what next ….? 

From one human to another, to my amazement I was copied into a mold and voila I saw a room full of my clones! Alas, I salute the technology. 

I happily went home with my master that night imagining I am going to be creating a revolution and I grumbled as I saw him sleep on a wrinkle free bed as I laid suffocated and folded in a dark wallet. 

The sun rose with its utmost radiance on me as quickly came my master and I went along for another days work or perhaps I embarked on another adventurous day. 

As the moment I heard some noises, as my master walked towards the crowd, noises became like a loud roar to me, and I popped out to see, silently. I saw a crowd of people with tears in their eyes and I wondered what could that be for? 

As I kept thinking, a bunch of kids caught my attention as they kept laughing loudly oblivion of the world around them. They danced and sang in joy and happiness. As my master took another step, I saw the tower of my clones around which kids were jumping, playing, throwing in the air. I was filled with immense happiness and smile watching this. 

From then until now, I still wonder what must have transpired amidst my master & the crowd in tears & little kids’ joyful state. I have seen the evolution of me in different designs, colors & size to various forms of metals. But, one thing is still constant; my presence makes the kids joyful. However, they now beg to anyone they see to have me. 

Time has changed, but obsession to possess me seems never ending. Obsession has made many humans turn selfish -n- devilish instead of being generous enough to give it away to someone in dire need. I am happily being exchanged in paper or the now plastic or e-money for a cuisine at world best place. 

I am like a celebrity myself that I am always asked about the no of clones I have with me when a potential bride is approached by the potential groom to be. I wonder if the groom is being sold in exchange of me or the bride’s father has to give me away to get rid of the daughter! 

I have also been made famous by politicians and industrialists & yet I bring no joy to Myself. 

No one cared to know where and with whom I want to be. 

You know my dear humans; I want to be with those kids who I bring immense laughter and happiness while they exchange me for a loaf of bread. I want to be with that lady-n-man who joyfully exchanges me for their meal after a hard day’s work with righteousness. 

I don’t want to be with the human who drives in a big car and with generosity enough to give me away for a noble cause. I want to be with people who have a big heart to give me away to those who need me most. 

Exchange me for a good reason, for helping someone & I’ll come to you happily and willingly in abundance. 

O my dear human, please don’t make me a priority of your life, make me just a part of your life!

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