These Memes Completely Sum Up The Midlife Crisis in a Man

Midlife Crisis in a Man

Midlife Crisis in a Man – Midlife dawns upon you at the after 40s and you have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to adapt to the mental and physical transition.

A man’s two lateral ventricles of the brain seem to be on the opposite sides on the barricade, one wants to age gracefully and another still can’t give up on the young age frolics that he left behind. Well, he will end up seeming like an odd duck if he puts on those Ram Rahim-ish blingy clothes goes out and about hopping pubs alone in his 40s.

He is hence in a great mental dilemma which way to go and these memes, I guess completely sums up his mental state in his 40s.

Midlife Crisis in a Man –

1 – Be a flamingo in the flock of pigeons:

Stop pigeon holding yourself and let loose your wild side. You have to prove that age is just a number and it is never too late to party. This man may stick out from the young crowd but he seems to have a gala time and seems to have gone back to his youth.

2 – Your body is your temple:

This man perhaps grabbed a lot of eyeballs in his youth years but he is not letting go of that fame anytime soon. He is sinfully devoted to his workout hours it seems because midlife takes a toll on your confidence a lot. No wonder, the bone-crunching workouts capacitate him still to steal the thunder.

3 – And his favourite pastime is, eavesdropping:

This man is a pro ad eavesdropping because he is way too vacated from work in his midlife, he does a lot of eavesdropping instead to keep himself interested. He is the walking-talking encyclopaedia about the neighbours and he always sets the gossip mills churning.

4 – He can’t stop looking at her tweens:

No, it’s not that twins you think, it is her cleavage that catches his attraction all right. Middle aged men are generally sex-deprived because a boring wife or sheer negation towards mundane. They, hence spend a lot of their time mischievously and  sneakily looking at cleavages. It’s the sexy women in explicit clothes whet their hunger more than any young man, studies proved.

5 – He hates too many candles around his birthday cake:

People have sense of humour and they execute in the very day of your birthday by inundating your birthday cake with the candles commensurate to your age. Why this chest-thumping exhibition of aging man? why can’t one just root out this custom once and for all? meh.

Midlife Crisis in a Man – Midlife is about doing a tight rope walk between morality and listening to the heart. A man that is caught with responsibilities, often shy away from pursuing his passion. If you call midlife a crisis, it is but look at the brighter side, you have acquired wisdom too for which people turn to you always.

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