This Short Film ‘Selfie’ Will Change The Way You Look At Yourself!


This award winning short film ‘Selfie’ has a message worth sharing.

Selfie is a short film which is based on incidents every ‘Common man’ faces daily.

How do you look at yourself?

Are you bothered by the perceptions people have about you?

Does what people perceive about you or the way you look or dress up impact you in any way?

This short film give us a beautiful message that no one knows you better than yourself so stop caring about others notions about you.

We know who we are and should always remember that irrespective of what other feel about us.

Trust me people will judge you anyway. So never be bothered about them and live your life the way you want.

Just remember to click your inner ‘selfie’!

This short film ‘Selfie’ by Aghaaz Productions will totally change the way you look at yourself irrespective of others views about you!

Kudos to makers and team for this beautiful short film.

Be proud of who you are and don’t give anyone a reason to bring you down.

Respect yourself the most, be confident and just stand tall!

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