You Will Be Scared What Would Happen If You Use Cellphone Into The Toilet !

Smartphone Into The Toilet

“Smartphone Into The Toilet”

Hey, do you use your Smartphone when you’re sitting on the toilet? Guess what? You’re not the only ONE.

And you really don’t need to hesitate accepting it. You know why? Because the time has changed and thus it is OK to understand that earlier people were using newspaper but now they’re a step ahead and thus use Smartphone.

But, once again think about it. Do you really think it is a good idea? Well, I’ll tell you it is totally a BAD IDEA and you need to QUIT IT.

That’s right! I’ll tell you the reasons why you must STRICTLY AVOID taking smartphone into the toilet.

  1. You can fall SICK

No matter how clean your toilet looks like but in reality it is covered with germs. And yes, I mean it. The bathrooms are covered with a lot of germs and when you touch places in there (even to keep your mobile phone away) you get the germs on you.

Also the fact that you’re using the phone all day long- there are chances that it can make you fall SICK.

So, better don’t take your Smartphone inside.

Smartphone Into The Toilet

  1. You can drop your phone into the toilet

Suppose you’re done with your activity and you’re looking for a place to keep your Smartphone but in the middle of finding a place you really might drop your phone inside the pot.

This is not even funny and it has really happened with many people. So, you know what to avoid now.

Smartphone Into The Toilet

  1. You spend a whole lot of TIME

The unnecessary time spent in there is nothing but the time you’re wasting. Seriously, do you really feel good sitting in there? I know, reading messages, Facebook, Hike and oh, some people even talk on their phone.

If you’re going to do all these things then why not find a good place? Think about it.

Smartphone Into The Toilet

  1. Embarrassment comes along with it

Many people have gone through this- They were talking on the phone and when they did the flush, the person they were talking came to know that they’re in the toilet and that was really embarrassing.

Do you want this to happen with you? I’ll assume a NO.

Smartphone Into The Toilet

  1. You can forget your PHONE

Many will definitely agree to this one.

Forgetting phone inside is the worst thing and when for minutes you can’t remember where you kept it then it is really a waste of time. Forgetting phone inside is more like welcoming the germs. Remember? Read the first point again.

Smartphone Into The Toilet

Do you still want to take your smartphone into the toilet?

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