What we do in our bedroom isn’t anybody’s business

With the Supreme Court ruling gay sex as unnatural, we are wondering if what happens in our bedroom anybody’s business!

With the Supreme Court ruling gay sex as unnatural and calling homosexuality an offense, we are wondering if what happens in our bedroom is anybody’s business. Why is having sex or marrying a person of the opposite sex such a big deal? We are a frigging democracy and if we can’t choose who we wish to spend the rest our lives with, what’s the point of having any democratic rights?

The ruling specifically calls the union of such people as unnatural. If it’s so unnatural, how come so many people in the world are gay? And how would it matter to others if one made out with the person of the same sex or the opposite sex. Nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to peep into our bedrooms and decide what’s acceptable and what’s not.

I am dreading to bring a child to a country where he/she can’t get a life partner of his/her choice. If the basic right of marriage and family life is taken away from someone, what is he left with? If an adult has sex with another consenting adult of the same sex, it shouldn’t be punishable by a 10-year jail term. That’s ridiculous! Why such an issue is being made out of same-sex relationships is something we will never know. It’s no wonder that the world thinks of India as a ’regressive’ nation and rightly so. When every adult is given the right to enjoy matrimony, children and sex life, why can’t certain sections of the society who have preferences that are different from the rest be given the same rights?

Does this ruling mean that certain people will not have the right to be or do whatever they wish to because certain religious leaders and judges believe same-sex unions to be ‘against the nature’? This decision has definitely taken India back by many years, in terms of development and growth and shows how hypocritical and judgemental we are.

While the 2009 Delhi HC ruling gave the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community a ray of hope, today’s ruling has completely dashed their hopes and dreams. If anybody from the LGBT community plans to get married, he/she needs to relocate to a different country that supports such a union. Isn’t that a big shame? The land where sex is supposed to be from is stopping two consenting individuals of the same gender from making love! We are the land of the Kamasutra, for god sake! If we can write such an explicit sex book, we should be progressive enough to let people make love to whoever they wish to.

Unfortunately, this ruling will make the LGBT community suffer further as they would be ridiculed and harassed more, while Bollywood movies will continue to caricature them. We hope better sense prevails soon and that they are given the justice they deserve.

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