Tired of 5 Minute Games? These Are 6 Simplest Ways If You Want To Make Your Bedroom Sessions Last Longer!

bedroom session last longer

When it is about love games, no one wants to get it done and over with. Everyone wants if to be a satisfying feat of hours and hours together.

Yet, not many are able to prolong it for a time when both the players have attained the orgasmic bliss, not once, but many times in a row. One or the other partner tends to give up in the middle, while other is still craving for more.

While most important thing in sex remains the physical stamina, there are many other factors that affect the performances of both the partners, which are more often than not, ignored between the sheets.

Here, I am going to try and give your brain a little erotic stimulation and talk about 6 simplest ways to make your bedroom sessions last longer:

  1. Do Not Miss The Foreplay Under Any Circumstances

Foreplay is very important. It gives you time to get relaxed and you’ll extend your time during sex. Spend at least half an hour or more if you want to, on foreplay. Do not rush at all. Caress and kiss every inch of your partner’s body and get them turned on and ready before you hit the last spot.

  1. Indulge In Oral Sex

This amazing tool not only makes you pleasure your partner, it allows you to stop worrying about the end result too. Making love with your tongue will ease performance anxiety, help you develop greater self-control, and usher you both into a pleasurable journey which is worth every minute spent into it. Keep the cleanliness and hygiene factors in place before you indulge in oral.

  1. Keep A Regulated Flow of Breathing Throughout

Breathing is an important factor in managing the arousal levels. As you get more aroused and closer to climax, your breathing quickens. To hold back the last stages and make sex last longer, all you need to do is take slow, deep breath throughout sex. Men must combine this with relaxation of their ejaculatory muscle and they can last as long as you want.

  1. Experiment With Different Positions

Experimenting with different positions offers newer territories to explore and know each other better in bed.  It also enhances your experience for the upcoming sessions you may have. The more you experiment and try newer positions, the more time you spend with each other, travelling through the hidden taverns of body temples. It becomes blissful ultimately.

  1. Men Must Try And Work On Their Ejaculatory Muscles

Men’s  ejaculatory muscle, also known as the PC muscle, is the muscle that allows them to stop the flow of urine. And it’s the same muscle that controls ejaculation. There are exercises to keep those muscles relaxed, while in the act. In the journey of foreplay and also during the main act, while they are inside their partner, it is important not to rush and keep those muscles relaxed.

  1. Men Should Always Start With Slower Thrusts 

In addition to alternating sex positions, men also need to learn the speeding techniques while being inside. Starting with slower and tender thrusts, and catching the pace as it furthers the course, will help to prolong the intercourse.  Slow, short penetrative movements render the utmost pleasure to both the partners, while keeping the orgasm at bay for as long as you want.

Making love to your partner is the most heavenly experience. Make it a journey to be taken on the roads that  are more fascinating than the destination. Hold it for hours!

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