When Your Boss Is Just Another Lustful Egoistic Creature !

Lustful boss

Lustful boss – There are many stories that build up when you have someone in office whose behaviour is just not appropriate and does not meet up the parameters laid by sensible office people.

One of that behavior is being lewd and if this is coming from your boss, it can be a very dramatic situation.

Company policies most of the time give warnings or ask their employees to quit the job on their own accord if they find them involved in some affairs or something offensive because they think it is affecting office environment. That’s pretty much fine but what about that someone includes your boss?

So, what kind of scenarios one can confront when your boss is being gross-

He/she cracks a joke which is offensive or is not appropriate

Lustful boss

It will be then inappropriate from your end if you do not defend yourself either by saying it direct or giving a signal that you do not like it. Think of your Lustful boss as just another human being which obviously needs to know his/her limits and boundaries.

If anybody crosses the limits even it is your boss should be warned in a sensible way. Yes, handling the situation in a sensible way is of utmost importance here otherwise it could lead to unpredictable situations. The reason might be that your boss is not good at hearing a ‘no’ and especially if it comes from an employee. It is not about priorities that you put your job first and then your self-respect, it’s about letting someone know that you do not like this one particular thing in him/her.

For instance, you have just joined an organization where you have planned to have a long-term goal and at your first day your Lustful boss comes at your desk and cracks an inappropriate joke, what will you do? At that point in time, you might think to ignore because it is a first time but it would be much better if you stop it in the beginning so you do not create mess later on. Sometimes, it’s like a test that bosses usually do to check your human instincts. In all the situation which harms you, choose your words nicely and confront the situation like a wise employee. Like not yelling or making faces or saying in front of rest of the employees.

Sexist remarks

Lustful boss

A piggish boss is someone you cannot ignore. While on one hand when he/she is talking to you directly so that you can reciprocate and on the other hand he/she gives a remark while in a meeting or in a group discussion or even a breakout coffee discussion. What happens when the latter scenarios become so often? What?

It’s an office where you work and involve your mental and physical stretch for someone who is testing your patience. This kind of environment distract employees from work and hence making performance down. Do not let anyone come against your career whether it is another employee or your boss. Remember, your career graph has nothing to do with an organization or your boss, it’s about how you perceive it. Make your priorities easy enough so that you fit in it and that is an important thing.

You do not have to make yourself uncomfortable in such situations because this is not a world’s end. Stand up for yourself and for your dignity, stop what’s wrong according to you and take your decision that is good for your inner health. Nobody can put you down until you do.

Lewd conversations

Lustful boss

So, management and owners are those bunches of people to whom an employee can go and complain about anything offensive they feel but what when these bunch of people are to be accused. It becomes a place where there are no boundaries and employees are given freedom to speak their way out because boss themselves set no bars.

Objectifying humour should be completely against company policies. When you are sitting in a board meeting and your Lustful boss makes humour that is gender specific, it is obvious that your decisions or opinions won’t matter to the rest. Then, why the hell you are present there? At this moment, no matter what you should confront the situation, take hold of things, and march. That’s all!

Lustful boss

All that we have discussed come under harassment whether physically or mentally.

If you think that’s a matter of an HR complaint, you should surely do, however, if your defence was enough to make them aware, leave it that way. It’s like giving warning to not repeat the same mistakes and if that does not make any difference, go for a legal process. No matter how headstrong you have, a person’s lewd behaviour affects you. It will affect anybody who does not have the same intention.

I am that much straight when I go to an office that it is just a place where I work, I do discuss happening with my colleagues and we share a good sense of humour and sometimes our personal life problems as well.

And, to some point, if any of the employees back bitches about me, do politics against, all this really does not bother me because I know I am very well prepared about it. When it is coming from the lustful boss, it does not make sense. Whatever it is, makes me go insane and rather than keeping my health at stake, I confront and that’s what I advise everybody.

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