8 Sex Myths That Girls Are Badly Entangled Into! Shun Them Now!

sex myths

We all know that sex is the most pleasurable activity and we all love to indulge in it.

I am yet to come across a person who says that he has never had it, or never thought about it, or doesn’t want to get involved in it.

Yet, in a society like ours, Sex one such topic which is not meant to be discussed in open. If at all there is a discussion, it must be behind closed doors or in special forums where common man cannot always reach.

That is the reason, young minds are still nurturing a lot of myths around sex, especially young girls!

Here, I am going to try and help you debunk some of the sex myths, stupid thoughts that you girls foster in your mind. Give them up NOW!

Myth 1: Performance Related Problems Are Only For Boys

Wrong! Girls too can have a lot of bed performance and similar problems. Problems like low arousal, lack of orgasm, painful intercourse are some of the regular problems with women, which they usually ignore and blame it to other lifestyle conditions. If you are facing such problems, get a thorough check-up done without delaying it.


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