Bengalis Love for Fish Intense Similar to Gujratis Khakra

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Gujratis Khakra, the dry salty roti which is a must-try if staying in parts of Gujarat. A traditional snack that has evolved to change but one cannot deny its existence for years. The gypsy lifestyle of the people and dryness of the weather nurtured to make such an amusing savor item. When the Gujaratis were striving for their survival in the hot and dry weather near the Arabian sea. The Bengalis were busy looking for different kind of fish near the Bay of Bengal, and different rivers flowing. From the Ganga to the Padma and Ganges of Bangladesh.

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Bengalis of the east, or from Bengal cannot imagine their dinner at home without at least one pie of cooked fish. There is an unbreakable bonding between the different kinds of fishes that are present in Bengal and the Bengalis. The land of the Bengalis is blessed with all the seasons, and so there is always no chances of monotonous life.

Perhaps when Khakra is the most beloved snacks of not only the Gujratis, it is adequate for other parts nearby the state of Gujarat from the west to east. Though Bengalis have always been foodies they have the salty Khakara for their evening snacks while fish in their lunch and dinner.
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Variation in Khakra…

Popular as the vegan recipe the flavors are invariants, it is a form of evolution in the making of Khakra. Once it was just a necessity for the people of the land of the dry sandy area, shifting from one place to another. Cooking was certainly not regularly. They had to cook dry so that it can be fed to the family and kids, life wasn’t easy for the Gujaratis Khakra, It was made of left out Rotis to dry and keep it for the upcoming traveling days.
The Rotis were dried up for the prevention of rotting of the food, poverty, and settlement was another reason that Khakra was part of their main food.

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Days have changed now, people do not have to travel as earlier, in the heat and dry weather nor crave the food of hunger. But their passion for Khakra has not changed. Different types of flavors, methi Khakra, masala Khakra or a plain Khakra are prepared as snack items. This does not allow them to forget about their hardships while settling in the dry sandy parts of Gujarat.

But when the western part of India, was striving hard with Khankra, the Bengalis so-called “Machh and Bhaat” were the mode of cherishing their lunch and dinner. From Rohu, Katla to Hilsa from the Padma with their innovative cooking style has never demotivated Bengalis to give up eating food despite facing poverty. Due to the flooding of their agricultural land or no availability of better earnings. A simple combination of fish curry and rice is always possible when fish swims in the flooded areas or you can hunt from the nearby river.

Vegan or non-vegan, the desire and love for the Gujratis Khakra to Bengalis fish all were due to necessity has now changed to a passion.

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