Kinds Of Sex Every Couple Should Have At Least Once In Life

Regardless of whether you are married or not, you will spend your adulthood having lots of sex some of which will be embarrassing and the others exciting.

Regardless of whether you are married or not, you will spend your adulthood having lots of sex (unless you opt for celibacy, of course).

There is no denying that some of these experiences would be embarrassing; but there will be times when you will cherish every single second of the session.

Creativity in sex is interesting, as you can try not only different positions, but have impromptu action at any given point of the day, too.

Monotony in sex can collapse a relationship. It is important that you know about the different kinds of sex and bring them to practice, for good. Below presented is a list –

Initial Stroppy Sex 

When you are new to knowing a person, sex initially can be awkward. And yes, every person goes through it; so, it’s not a big deal. The truth is, you will do it and it will take time for the both of you to settle. Once you know each other’s body and preferences, there will be no looking back. You will want to try different types of sex.



Slow, Intimate Sex

This stage occurs when you know your partner well. You do not want to hurry while at it. This is what the world calls “love-making”. Giving each other everything you got, at the same time treating one another with respect. While your moves are slow, it helps because you are able to delay ejaculation. Cherish every moment.



Shower Sex 

This has to be on the list. It is interesting and risky at the same time. You do not want to break your or your partner’s neck or hip. You will be careful and with carefulness comes passion. Your thrusts under the shower will vary bringing you both a high level of pleasure and eventual satisfaction.




Everyone has sex fantasies, right from their teenage and it only gets creative when they enter the twenties. Speak with your partner and if agreed upon, get some accessories. Try handcuffs for a change or a strap. You can swap roles. Buy a slutty/sexy dress that comes from one of your partner’s many fantasies. You can do things that you wouldn’t do normally in bed.



Expensive Sex 

It does not have to be your honeymoon for you to splurge money on a villa or an expensive hotel room. Luxury sex is a one-of-its-kind and being present in a flashy surrounding makes the experience all the more thrilling. For a single night, you can stop being prude and live life like the way it is meant to be.



Messy Sex 

Dirty talk is just a part of messy sex. You can crank it up a notch and make the sex session hotter than ever. This will literally be messy; it will leave you sweating and wanting for more. Give it a go. Have sex more than once. The heat and the passion will never subside if you have your mind set on it. You will also be able to keep it rough and smooth equally.



Make-up Sex 

Relationships are tough. The ones that prevail smoothly are either geniuses or fools. Breaking up with a partner of many years can be disheartening. However, if you are certain on getting back together, what best way to celebrate the union with a sex session. All this distance has made you want more of each other.



Loud Sex 

You need to try loud sex aka i-don’t-care-what-my-neighbours-think sex. It may sound preposterous, but you will love it. Ditch your manners and break the rules. Be loud and have sex against the walls or the cupboard. Breath like you moan. Maybe your neighbours will respect you for your performance.



Break Everything Sex 

You cannot plan this kind of sex. When you are hot enough for one another, just go at it. Feel like tearing off the crappy clothes your partner has been wearing all evening? Go for it. Your house is your world now. You can have sex in whichever room you prefer. Get the session heated; break a lamp or two or get a dent on the wall to remind you of the amazing session you once had. You will definitely find pleasure in it. Moreover, this will be one of those moments you will happily brag about within your social circle.



Morning Sex 

If you feel sexy in the morning, talk to your partner about it. Make sure it is not a quickie. Have proper sex instead. So what if you reach office late once? You will have a hickey to show for your morning efforts justifying the reason to your colleagues as to why you are late.



The ‘That One Never Again’ Sex 

This will be a session that will be painful, at least for one of you. Try a sex position that you have never practised before. If it does not work, you can still be commended for trying. If it works, you will have one more sex position accomplishment to add to your list.


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