10 Reasons You Should Not Date Someone Who Plays Mindgames With You

We all have been in that toxic relationship where we were put in in the receiving end of mindgames. People who play mindgames, can’t trust anyone easily and hence judgmental. We are not saying this is a virtue, not even from the farthest angle. It really feels ghastly being ‘tested’ by someone we apparently ‘love’ and then we are pushed to the saturation point when love dissolves and is replaced by nonchalance. And then, we are done with them and decide to step out, we find our confidence damaged to a sparse, forget heartbreak. Not only potential damage to the mind, mindgames entail a lot of other adverse effects too. Read on below:

As already said above, the person who plays mind games with you can’t trust you and tries to test you. Reason why he wants to test you is he doesn’t trust himself too. He is the fickle kind who has past records of impulsive infatuations so puts you in the same radar.

He plays mind games on you because he wants to rule you, your entire existence. He wants to gain control over you and exploit your weakness for them.


They will execute fiercer mind games if they have the slightest inkling that you are trying to distance yourself from them. They will come up with lies to weaken your heart and wreck your sense of logic.

The person who plays mind games on you is trying to push you into your worst just to see you react or turn red in anger. We all have our inner demons, no one is perfect and you should date a person who only brings out the best from you, not the worst.

He is resentful. He keeps record of all your past fights and wants to avenge some of them by hurting you emotionally. He is a borderline loser, trust us!

He doesn’t have the courage to confront. He is intimidated by your personality and fears that you will outsmart him in arguments so he chooses the escape route of playing mind games to cover his faults.

He simply wants to break up with you. If he thinks that the relationship doesn’t hold his interest any longer and he is emotionally incapable of dealing with an abrupt break-up, he plays sneakily persuades you to be the first one to call it quits and in the meanwhile he learns to pacify the potential break-up woes.


He suffers from an inferiority complex and knows very well that he doesn’t deserve a patient person like you. So, obviously he wants to drive you angry and bring you to his level.

He is simply psychotic and confused who doesn’t know what he wants.

He is afraid to take responsibilities that a marriage or relationship may entail. He just wants to float wayward and urges you to have no problem with it. His mindgames are a sign that he is probably a cheater sort.

Trust us, if you are in a relationship where you don’t share the comfort level with your partner that the happy couples do, just pull out. You deserve better!

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