How Often You Should Have Sex In A Relationship?


How often you should have sex?

Isn’t this the most important question after “What is he purpose of my life?”

Okay, this might be an exaggeration, but trust me, there are so many people on the planet with  a hoard of doubts, apprehensions and confusions about sex that it is one of the top most questions, solicited from all the sex-therapists worldwide!

Today we are going to answer that, but before that, just put that pen and paper down and don’t even try to record the answer in your smartphone’s notepad! It’s no rocket science guys!

We can figure it out with ease! Get it?

Now, first of all answer this simple question: how often should you eat?

As many times as you feel hungry, right?

Well, likewise, sex is the basic human need and needs to be fulfilled as and when one feels the urge for it.

The question is being asked millions of time – How many times one should have sex in a relationship?

The hard truth is there is no specific number!

However, conditions apply!

  1. First and foremost, you and your partner should be on the same page about sex. It depends on partners’ sex drive, health condition, mind-frame, age and sexual needs. If only one person desires it and the other person is not in the mood, then you cannot and should not push it down the throat! Well, not literally here, alright? So just wait for the right moment!
  1. Secondly, have sex, but don’t obsess about it! There are a lot more things, important for life, than only sex, while I agree it is one of the important things! Therefore, make love when you know you are not ignoring another burning issue that needs your immediate attention! Your mind as it is would not be completely into it, if you are ignoring something important and trying to wrestle in bed, so what’s the point anyways? 
  1. You know what, sex is not only about the physical union of two bodies; it touches the soul, the depth of our emotions that sometimes even we are not aware of. Thus, sex should not be treated as a chore or just a boring bodily function that needs to be performed as a custom on a daily basis. Make it special whenever you indulge in it and when you feel the need for that magical touch!
  1. Also, The chemicals released during orgasm and when one feels the supreme bliss with another body, are largely responsible for the contending feeling of love, satisfaction and completeness. Sex shouldn’t be calculated in terms of numbers or the frequency of the act, but it must be counted on how satisfied it makes you after every session. And it’s not just about you, but for your partner as well. More the contentment, more the frequency!
  1. The libido or sex drive also depends on how stressed or relaxed your life is, what age group you belong to, what is your gender and so on! Basically, your overall life is a great facilitator or moderator to sex! To have an absolutely rocking and pleasurable sex life, you got to take time out of your busy schedules, be tranquil and help your partner to get ready for the act, just the way you are. This will not only help in strengthening your bond, but will also make sure that every time you indulge in an intercourse, it gives you supreme pleasure.
  1. You should try, put in efforts, and help each other to reach a stage where you both should be getting utter pleasure every time you indulge in it, then it wouldn’t matter how often you did or for how long every session lasted! The only things that’ll remain with both of you will be your deepest intimacy and love.

And that’s why honey buns, stop counting the numbers and the frequencies! Stop mulling over the question ” how often?”

Just go with the flow, create the love and romance much needed for life and live the moments fully, as and when they hit you!

Good luck to you all!

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