Now Deep Recesses Of The Ocean Are The Limit

Deep recesses of the ocean

Deep recesses of the ocean – It’s time to look deep into the core of the ocean, rather than gazing at the sky. The deep recesses of the ocean have myriads of unexplored resources of minerals and opportunities for the mankind in near future.

To match the success of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and in search of hidden resources under the ocean, the Centre is moving forward to a five-year plan project of Rs 8000 crore, to explore the deep recesses of the Indian Ocean Basin.

The plan is proposed by the Earth Sciences Ministry. According to reports this mission, offers to explore the unfathomable ocean similar to the space exploration started by ISRO; 35 years ago.

Deep recesses of the ocean –

The UN International Sea Bed Authority has allotted India a site of 1,50,000 square kilometers in the Central Indian Ocean Basin for utilizing of polymetallic nodules (PMN). PMNs are rocks scattered on the ocean bed containing iron, manganese, nickel, and cobalt. It is envisioned that, mere ten percent recovery of the minerals from the seabed can meet the nation’s requirement for the next hundred years. According to the reports, it is being estimated that nearly 380 million metric tons of PMNs are available at the bottom of the deep blue ocean in the Central Indian ocean.

An offshore desalination plant will work with tidal energy and a submersible vehicle, to go into the depth of at least 5000metres with three people; are the main tools to achieve the goals of this project. Blueprint of the Deep Ocean Mission was unveiled by the Union Earth Sciences Ministry.

Deep recesses of the ocean

According to the department the areas of focus will be on the technologies for deep-sea mining, underwater vehicles, and robotics along with ocean climate change advisory services.

Like several ISRO missions, if this deep-sea mission is successful, then it would be a boon for the future generation. We are already in the verge of exhausting the natural resources, and it is essential to find a quick solution for the imminent scarcity. If the unexplored and unutilized resources are excavated from the seabed, it will not only be a great success for our nation, but it will also open myriads of solutions for various issues we are facing.

Deep recesses of the ocean

With the high hopes, now we are ready to adjust our focus from the space to the core of the earth beneath the bottomless ocean, which itself speaks of its mystery. Measuring the depth is always a challenging task, as a nation we look forward and wish all the success to the team.

Deep recesses of the ocean

India has already embarked its journey to become great. ISRO ruling the space and now Deep Ocean Mission is aiming the depth. Somewhere ‘Made in India’ projects are strengthening the country and the researches in the sky, sea, medicine, and various other projects are glorifying the nation. It would not be wrong to say that our destination of a developed India is not very far. As an Indian seeing the progress of my country in every field makes me a proud citizen.

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