This is What Happens When You Pour Molten Salt into Water

Molten Salt

Molten Salt – A scientist’s mind is never vacated of ideas and he always embarks upon new experiments when an idea canons into his mind.

However difficult or fatal that experiment is, nothing keeps him from what he is son set out for. All thanks to their patience and perseverance, we are introduced with newest innovations and left jaw-dropped.

We will below show you a video on what happens when molten salt meets water. Okay, mixing salt with water is the most run-of-the-mill thing in our households as it bears many benefits like consumption of salt smeared water helps improve your digestion and it, rinsing off your face with salt water helps it revitalize and look radiant and most ripe use of salt water is in children, to open their blocked nose hence salt water would never sound alien to you. But have you ever wondered what happens when one pours molten salt into water? This video by backward scientist leaves you really amazed at the camouflaged wonders of science.

To tell you, when molten salt is poured into water preserved in a glass container, a massive explosion occurs in a split second breaking the glass walls of the container and spilling the water hither and tither. Factually, the explosion occurs in 7000 fps creating a surge of bubbles which might look like diamonds bobbing in water but the experiment can be really dangerous for the one who is doing it.

The guy who attempted this experiment in this video claims that he has come across it in a scientific experiment channel where the other scientists carried this out and from then he has a wish to try this on his own and he recorded the whole experience in a video to share with us. Look closely at the explosion, it could send tremors down your spine if you were present on the spot. This one stands testimony to the uncertainties and wonders of science. The guy even tried it in the 21 fps in a second which was really a sight again for us because it looked like a beautiful and big glass chandelier in water.

In the first leg, he used kosher salt for the experiment and next he used Borax. Surprisingly, both of those turned Red when molten and as soon as they came into contact with water, a major explosion took place and the sight was completely nail-biting.

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